Skyrim Steam Workshop Can't Support More Than 50 Subscriptions

GR: "The Steam Workshop may be convenient, but there's a limit to how many mods you can install at once."

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MAJ0R2228d ago

lol fail, Nexus is now my one and only choice for Skyrim mods

LightofDarkness2228d ago

If you have over 50 separate mods running in your game you've lost your mind. There's nothing stopping you from repackaging them yourself either into an all in one type package.

Besides, how many conflicts and issues would you run into with so many separate mods running at once?

MAJ0R2228d ago

In Oblivion I had over 200 ESP and ESM files, I think I may have even had over 255 which would be the limit. You clearly don't know about modding a Bethesda game if you think people stop at 50 mods.

LightofDarkness2228d ago

You're right, my Fallout 3 mods are over 60 files :p my bad

Snookies122228d ago

Are people really going to use over 50 mods at once? o_O

digitalkid2228d ago

50 mods in skyrim?! Holy... O_o

Too bad nexus will loose many users. Steam is quite handy with all those auto-updates and CK integration. And looks like there's some control for mods quality.