Twisted Metal MP Gameplay – 12-1 K/D ratio

Twisted Metal Multiplayer Demo gameplay video with the player getting a 12-1 K/D ratio

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acemonkey2353d ago

cool i didnt make it in time to dl the demo im a lil upset with myself lol

DrDeath2351d ago

It's not about kill/death it's about damage done/received this isn't CoD

soundslike2351d ago

Noobs like you always make some sort of comment mentioning COD.....POR QUE?

KwietStorm2351d ago

So you're saying call of duty is the only game that concerns your KD? Get off it.

madjedi2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

I think it's an over rated stat, if your on defense on nuke and bragging about 12 to 1 kdr and the enemy blows up your team's statue you aren't doing your team any damn good.

It's a bullshit ego padding stat not something that denote how good of a player you are.

vickers5002349d ago

"you aren't doing your team any damn good."

Gotta say you're wrong on that. If you have a player who is really good at getting kills playing an objective based game, then that player getting so many kills helps the team by distracting a somewhat large portion of the enemy team so others that are more concerned can more easily accomplish the actual objective. They also kill the enemies who are about to prevent the team from accomplishing the objective (like killing an enemy pursuer who is about to destroy your teammate who is launching a missile), so they do help in that regard.

So your argument is wrong in that respect. However if all you have on your team are deathmatch players (in an objective game mode) or if you suck at killing other players, then yeah, you aren't contributing anything to your team.

But for every enemy you kill, that's one less player that will be prevented from f*cking with the objective seeking team mates.

finbars752351d ago

good job man.Looks like you have kept it old school for some of us who originaly played the game back on the old PS.

DrDeath2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

what? i said its not gay COD. makes me not a fanboy fag nuts. ya twisted metal isnt a game about K/D. its simple as that. 12-1 has nothing to do with how well he did. its about his damage done/recieved. im far from a noob ya dick. he got 2119-571 ratio he did very well.

DrDeath2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

this video is off of Twisted metal community forum was posted last week.

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