Dead Island 2 in production! Techland is looking for people.

Techland: "We are particularly interested in people who are fans of the zombie theme."

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seanpitt232350d ago

Good just hope it dosnt take as long as the first one to develop and take them daft numbers of when your killing stuff it just makes it look daft but i can understand why they did it but for the next one that needs to be changed.

HebrewHammer2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

I hope Techland relaizes they're getting ever closer to the coveted AAA game stratosphere, and with it comes a necessary amount of POLISH.

Good lord, the amount of bugs and glitches in Techland games are atrocious.

On another note, I think Deep Silver is a publisher to invest in. Dead Island 2 and Risen 2 could be hot hot hot!

Glasscocked2350d ago

I don't think the glitches are anything more than you find in other games with the size and scope like this; For goodness sake look at Skyrim, Oblivion, and primarily Fallout NV and Fallout 3. This game was right on par with those games but I am guessing with a far lower budget.

With more complicated world comes more and more issues.

HebrewHammer2350d ago

Then why does the enitrety of their CoJ series suffer from equivalent levels of shoddy QA. Same goes for Nail'd.

Glasscocked2350d ago

This would be awesome, I have loved the first one to death. The exploration and size is great. I would like to have them work a lot on improving the player character models since they looked so bad.

Instead rather why not have a character creator like Skyrim? All they need is to have two different voice sets based on the sex of the player character.