New Xbox LIVE Retail Subscription Now Available

As previously revealed by Electronic Theatre, a brand new Xbox LIVE subscription package is available from retail stores in the UK as of today. Arriving earlier than may have been expected, the new subscription pack will surely be enough to tempt gamers to trying out the benefits of an Xbox LIVE Gold membership for the first time.

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DA_SHREDDER2267d ago

Dang, i thought they manned up and cut cost drastically. I say 12 dollars a year would be perfect. With as many users as they have now above 10 million, you would think that would be enough. But you apes keep on paying for it, thus high fees will never go away.

It's right in front of everyone to see, especially when Mircosuck goes on stage at E3 every year, not talking about games, but how they are gonna add more stuff to xbox live and charging you more for it. I forgot, you people don't play games, you play a game or two and pay for xbox live like sheeple do these days, and pay for what? Oh this gets so ridiculous when I ask these rhetorical questions. Please God, help these people stop wasting their money on Microsoft's greed.

urwifeminder2266d ago

Great deal for a great service.

ironmonkey2266d ago

great deal for great service?, sorry i have real bills to pay.