Wipeout 2048 ‘Zone’ Mode Beautiful Screenshots

Wipeout 2048 ‘Zone’ Mode is a staggeringly beautiful level – one look at some screenshots would tell you that, let alone actually playing through the game in motion.

‘Zone’ Mode, first introduced in Wipeout Fusion, automates the player’s acceleration control, progressively moving the craft at higher speeds. As the player’s craft automatically passes through higher “zones”, or categories of speed, the player must continue to navigate the course until their energy runs out and the ship explodes. The audio/visual atmosphere during Zone mode differs greatly from regular play. The environments are stripped of texture and are replaced by simple colour palettes that change as the player reaches new zones. Graphic equalizers appear on the race course and in the surrounding scenery, displaying waveforms for the currently playing audio track.

The following screenshots was taken in-game using Wipeout 2048 ‘Photo’ Mode – which allows the player to take screenshots of the game and save them to the PS Vita. These photos can be manipulated before being saved, with editing functions for lens focus, depth of field and motion blur parameters.

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