PS Vita Press Kit Far Superior To Retail Launch Bundle

TQcast: When I came across this video unboxing of the PS Vita Press Kit, I couldn't help but think, "why didn't Sony release this as their retail packaging". You have to admit, the Press Kit is pretty legit. Video unboxing of both packagings after the break.

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illmatic2231d ago

I'm my opinion it looks way better than the crap box well be getting

Elimin82230d ago

Agreed. I said the same thing the author said.. Why not package retail as same... Makes you want it even more... Maybe it's just me!

MaxXAttaxX2230d ago

As a consumer, the components are better packaged in the retail box. And for mass production, it makes more sense.

Besides, it's just the box. The system remains the same awesome thing. Which matters most.

KUV19772231d ago

Besides the nice PS-Logo-Motion-Effekt i actually prefer the official box since it also encases all the components. The book is very nice though but probably expensive to produce. I'm ok with the official sales box.

cervantes992230d ago

I finally got to hold a Vita in my hands today and play Uncharted - JUST WOW!

I'm hooked - what a screen! The thumb sticks feel great.

This thing is only $250 - a bargain (especially having finally held one - top quality).

Soldierone2230d ago

Other than the outside of the box, which was rather neat, it wasn't that amazing. It's a great PR kit, but as a consumer I prefer the one we are getting.

MasterCornholio2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

The Book looks nice but it doesn't seem very practical for a store to sell. Also I have noticed that there were not any AR cards which I find odd.


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The story is too old to be commented.