Grand Slam Tennis 2 Review - The Digital Fix

The original Grand Slam Tennis launched on the Wii in the summer of 2009 and received an above average reception. The metacritic score averaged out at 78% with some review outlets such as Eurogamer showering the title with high praise, describing it as ‘beautifully intuitive’. Truth be told it was a tad gimmicky as it was designed specifically to take advantage of the new control method. Both 360 & PS3 versions were planned for later that year but somewhere along the way that all changed and the title was delayed indefinitely. Despair not though tennis lovers as the team at EA went back to the drawing board and created a new title specifically for the 360 and PS3, borrowing along the way from their other colossal sports franchises like Tiger Woods and FIFA to create a very comprehensive tennis title which includes just about everything you have come to expect from an EA Sports title.

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