Unreal Engine 4 To Be Revealed In 2012 According To Epic's Mark Rein

According to Epic Games vice president Mark Rein, The Unreal Engine 4 will be revealed in 2012. We were speaking with Mark about Epic founder Tim Sweeney's contribution to the gaming world, the Unreal Engine, when Rein mentioned we could expect to see more Unreal 4 this year.

"People are going to be shocked later this year when they see Unreal Engine 4 and how much more profound an effect it will have," Rein said.

We expect Epic will be releasing more information on the game engine later today at DICE 2012, so stick around's DICE 2012 coverage.

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Play2Win2321d ago

Please Unreal Tournament 4 or BulletStorm 2. PC is always ready for a new engine!

jaosobno2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

I think UT4 is probably guaranteed for next gen. Bulletstorm 2 not so much since it really didn't sell that great, nor it managed to establish itself like new and popular IP. Epic will probably focus on UT4 and GOW4.

Can't wait to see offical reveal, it should give us a clear picture of what next gen consoles will be capable of!

Snookies122321d ago

I agree for Unreal Tournament. That is Epic's main franchise and best (in my opinion). I just hope 4 will be more along the lines of UT2K4. That was the best in the series no doubt.

Play2Win2321d ago

Yes, Gears 4 will be on the next 360. But Epic could release UT4 along with UE4 on PC nest year. And I really liked BulletStorm.

meetajhu2321d ago

PC is always ready. I like your avatar saying id!

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theeg2320d ago

next xbox is coming out this year, less than 9 months, bet on it, they already have, and have 4 some time now, unreal 4.

hellvaguy2320d ago

Have they officially announced that this engine wont be compatible with ps3, or is that on release day?

Pandamobile2319d ago

They haven't announced anything, but Unreal 4 will likely be Next-gen consoles and PC only.

The PS3 barely runs Unreal 3 as it is.

SignifiedSix2319d ago

I wonder if its going to be a tech demo running off the next xbox? :o