Remember G4? Too Bad It Died

Remembering the Television station for what it was......not what it has become.

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zeal0us2350d ago

You know its bad when your 50+ father,uncle and or cousin who care nothing for gaming, is watching this channel.

You would think DirecTv pulling this channel from their lineup would be a wake up call, but nope G4 still going in that same horrible direction.

Emilio_Estevez2350d ago

I can't really see the channel going on forever unless things change. DTV dropped it because it had some the worst ratings of all the channels.

darthv722349d ago

we had ZDTV which became TechTV. Screen savers was one of my favorite shows. That and Extended Play which became X-Play.

They never had the G4 network but when G4 and TechTV merged the techTV became G4. Sad really as shows I like such as AudioFile, big Thinkers, Fresh Gear and of course the screen savers were canned.

I just cant stand attack of the show and xplay is not as informative as it once was. Its more about attitude now as well as childish behavior.

Some may not remember the ZDTV shows like I do. Cant say that G4 made as much impact on my tech knowledge like TechTV did.

Ilovetheps42349d ago

I liked this channel a while ago. But then they started changing what they showed. Showing tons of Cops, cheaters, Campus PD and stuff of that sort. They went the wrong route. When it got taken off of Directv, I wasn't that upset. It just wasn't that good anymore.

Silly Mammo2349d ago

Reality shows seem to be the route that all subject specific channels go. MTV, VH-1, Food Network, History Channel, etc.

Ilovetheps42349d ago

Yeah it's really sad to see that. The channel used to be great until it went down that road.

rockbottom30762349d ago

I think the president for G4TV was one of the people that brought Cops to FOX.

RufustheSage2349d ago

I'm still saddened by TechTv, I miss that channel a lot!

digitaleraser2349d ago

Exactly...the channel died the moment it was first renamed G4TV and they cancelled its flagship show The Screen Savers (among other programming). The only good show they never cancelled was X-Play, which is apparently the show the new owner bought the entire channel for.

Silly Mammo2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

I used to occasionally watch Attack of the Show and I enjoyed their E3 coverage, but that's really all I'd tune in for....oh and I'd get sucked into a couple of Ninja Warrior episodes.

LX-General-Kaos2349d ago

Tech TV was my fav of the bunch. NO talking, just pure gameplay with decent music.

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The story is too old to be commented.