3 Killer PS Vita Features That Will Change Gaming Forever

TQcast- With less than a week to go before the official US launch, the hype behind the PS Vita is building day by day. While the original PSP might not have been as groundbreaking as say, an iPad -it did offer a gameplay experience like no other. Looking at some of the overlooked PS Vita features, it seems Sony is going to change the portable gaming industry, or at least make a huge dent in it.

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Venox20082205d ago

I think that "buy one get both" isn't very atractive to devs, because they can lose a lot of money...

GribbleGrunger2205d ago

do you honestly believe that releasing a game to an unknown install base is better than releasing a game to a 62.5 million install + an unknown install base? really?

Venox20082205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

I think that I know what install base will be, lots of "mature" players, who love blood, action and gore & brown and gray shaders + shooters..

I think that devs are making install base, if people see that (example - shooters) mostly are coming and coming to an console or handheld, so it atracts that crowd of people.. look what happened to Wii, if third party devs wouldn't release lots of showelware with ponies and others kiddy stuff, MAYBE we would see other side of medal of Wii.. don't get me wrong, I love Wii, it has some of the best games in this gen and 80-90 percent of showelware.. but still I think it could be better.. so if devs would release ponies and other similar stuff to Vita, lot's of kidies would buy it and there you go = big install base for kids..

..and about what I said, losing money, why should they release same game on both consoles (vita/ps3).. some people could buy it for PS3, some for Vita, it's more money, than one game on both.. we all know that now these times are about business, so I don't know how long this will be..

sarshelyam2205d ago

They're saying that if you buy the PS3 version of games that support this business model, you would be given a voucher for the Vita version. Now, I don't know what the percentages would be but I can damn well guarantee it's not going to see a 100% redemption "sell-through". Some PS3 owners will own a Vita, others might now.

They'll still pick up Vita sales for users who don't buy the console version, but think about this. If a PS3 release is marketed as supporting a free copy of the Vita version in digital form, what do you suppose that's going to do for sales of that version, when compared to another platforms vanilla offering? Not only does it spell money for Sony, but it ultimately spells sales for the dev/pub backing the project.

I don't want to speak on Sony's behalf, but it would behoove them to support this implementation with 3rd Party's by covering some of the projected loss (really...if there were any).

It doesn't look like anything but a smart move if you ask me. Redemption on free piece of software is still redemption, an additional user the dev has in their pocket that they may not have had otherwise.

rockbottom30762205d ago

They should do buy one get two free! The Vita would explode onto the marketplace if people knew they could buy The Show (for example) and get the Vita version included. Heck they can charge 15 dollars more for the game as well to add to sales figures to get both versions. I think it would work for the developer. If they kept it at a reasonable price for both versions it would not only help sell systems but also for developers make them look good to the public and get them creative since now they are working on one version for 2 slightly different platforms.

Arksine2205d ago

I dont see how. I doubt many customers would buy the same game on two different platforms, so they wouldn't be cannibalizing many of their own sales.

If Sony provides tools that make it easy to port PS3 games to the Vita, I think this could add a lot of value to the game for a negligible cost on the part of the developer. Now if it takes a lot of effort to port a PS3 game to the Vita then I doubt many 3rd parties will go this route.

Right now it seems like this is limited to a few 1st party games at the moment, so we'll see where it goes in the future.

one2thr2205d ago

I would, seeing that I don't have to stop playing my game just because I'm not home...

jujubee882205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

PS VITA can do:

-Remote Play on the VITA through the PS3/4
-Stop, save and go on the same game with the VITA version
-Reconnect, upload save (via cloud save or USB) and play again.

That is a game changing feature, so much so that Nintendo, Microsoft, etc would probably try and look and rob the technology from SCE.

Rattlehead202205d ago

Using other companies ideas to a certain extent is NOT robbing. It is part of business.

They all do it so stop making it seem like a crime.

jujubee882205d ago

I have always thought that unless something is patented, it is not a crime. That is the judicial definition behind stealing an idea, concept, etc from another company.

@one2thr: If I had a hub for gaming at home and a hub for gaming anywhere, it would only seem logical to tie the two together and continue the hobby.

one2thr2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

Exactly!... I stiil cannot understand why most people do not see this added ability to "keep playing even when your not home" feature to be beneficial for most "real gamers"... My guess is that people are blinded, with their bias...

TheDivine2204d ago

It would be like sony making ps move, adding a touch screen on the vita, analoug sticks, custom soundtracks, xgame chat, trophies or anything else that someone else did first.

Its a great idea really but if someone else used it its not theft. If it is sony is the biggest thief around.

arnyftw2205d ago

Yeah they'res no way many developers are gonna do the buy one get both thing, why would they want to lose potential money? But Sony studios will probably support it.

sarshelyam2205d ago

Because a Developer is looking at install base.

Do you release a game to an unknown or small install base, projecting a larger risk and ultimately a lower return? Or do you focus on the established install base found with the PS3, offer a downloadable version for the Vita (that not every PS3 user will even own), and pick up users...stuffing them in their back pocket, so to speak.

While it won't see universal adoption, I can certainly see this being something smaller studios might shy away from, while larger studios may see the benefit to offering this in limited runs...maybe at early launch or launch day only pickups.

arnyftw2205d ago

Yes, but it only makes sense initially, if the Vita's install base becomes big then this makes no sense.

GribbleGrunger2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

pretty much what i meant. plus if someone buys the game for the PS3 and then finds out they've also bought it for the Vita, that surely gives them a quite compelling reason to consider buying a Vita too at some point. and of course Visa Versa

@Arny: it is very unlikely that someone who bought a game for one system is going to also buy it for the other. that's twice the money. but from a 'value for money' point of view, more people will buy the game simply because they feel they've bought two games for the price of one. remember it's easy to port over; they don't need two dev teams, just the right software

sarshelyam2205d ago

If the Vita install base becomes big...then mission success!

WiiUWiime2205d ago

Still not tempted:/ might as well carry a ps3 around with me...handhelds should be of a different experience...not somthin i can do at home...IMOP

sarshelyam2205d ago

Says WiiUWiime?

Seriously, you get the best of both worlds. With an entire storefront of hundreds of PSP and minis titles, you can still have that handheld experience, while also offering full console experiences. I'm not sure I understand why the two need to be segregated from one another. Why must a handheld form factor be limited by handheld experiences? That simply seems like the thought process of someone who is not a pragmatic individual. You can't look beyond the form factor to see what the device is truly capable of giving a user can you?

MasterCornholio2205d ago

There are plenty of games on the 3DS that offer a console experience here's a short list of the most famous ones.

1. Resident Evil Revelations
2. The Legend of Zelda : Orcania of Time
3. Monster Hunter Tri G
4. Metal Gear Solid 3 : Snake Eater
5. Zone of Enders
6. Resident Evil: Mercenaries

So you see not only does the Vita offer console experiences on a handheld but the 3DS as well. If there's one thing that I have noticed is that recently portable games try and mimick console experiences. If you want short pick up and play games might as well buy an iPhone.


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