The Saint Review – Final Fantasy XIII-2

The main campaign in XIII-2 is a bit shorter than its predecessor, but it makes up for it with hours of sidequests and postgame content. In addition to monster recruiting, extra boss battles, and fragment hunting, XIII-2 also sees the return of minigames like Chocobo Racing and slots. The game also features multiple endings, which ensures that players will be busy for quite some time.

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Son_Lee2352d ago

A bit shorter?

FFXIII-2 took me 25 hours to beat.
FFXIII took me 54 hours to beat.

Nice to know that "a bit shorter" means half as short.

iamtehpwn2352d ago

The extremely large amount of side content makes up for it though.

Son_Lee2352d ago

True, but it still feels like a short FF game, though. I think the shortest FF game is FFX-2 if I'm not mistaken, along with FFVII.

I found the story in FFXIII-2 to be pretty lackluster compared to FFXIII.