Tech-Gaming | Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Review

Ultimately, a purchase of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is contingent upon a player’s appreciation for nurturing their own potent persona. Few titles articulate the charm of character cultivation as adeptly- continually prodding players along with the lure of stronger skills or more exotic equipment.

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madmad2263d ago

Sounds like Skyrim is still the champ, especially on PCs.

rdgneoz32263d ago

Though being able to respec your character's talents (instead of starting a new character) so you can try different specs out is always nice.

I have the PS3 version of both (KOA is a lot less buggy than Skyrim atm), and they both have a ton of quests, lore, beautiful environments, different factions, crafting. They're just both different in terms of combat, one being third person combo's / button mashing and the other first person.

RaptorMan2263d ago

I liked the demo, but thought it needed a jump button. Not just jump down.

mediastudies2263d ago

It fine without one. If you play it, you'll be hooked on the combat and not worry about jumping.

sharpsword2263d ago

Good review. no spoilers.

Pintheshadows2263d ago

To the game purchasing establishment!