PlayStation Edge - The Darkness II Review

“Jackie, you can’t out run your fate, but you sure as hell got to try.” A great line to start off an equally great game. There are many things to marvel about this game and the first is the thrilling story.

It started in the original Darkness with Jackie Estacado, a hired gun for the Franchetti crime family. Soon things had changed once it came to be Jackie’s 21st birthday, that’s when he became a whole lot darker. Not long after his birthday, the Franchetti family had put a price on his head, and they figured the fastest way to get to him was through his girlfriend Jenny.

Jenny was not just his girlfriend, but a cherished childhood friend. The mob shot her in front of Jackie in an effort to terrify him into giving himself up to them. It was the worst thing they could have possibly done. Jackie went ballistic and with the help of something called The Darkness he killed everyone who stood in his way to the top of the family. He then claims the lives of the Franchetti family as revenge for Jenny and takes control of the Franchetti crime family. Now Jackie tries to lock away the darkness and has succeeded for years, until now...

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