300+ New Final Fantasy XIII Trailer Screens has over 300 new screens from the recent Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailers. They did make 1000, but we lovingly hand picked the best shots. had photoshoppers, signature and avatar makers in mind at all times.

The quality is outstanding, and they've removed those pesky letter box bars too. You'll find all the glorious moments of the trailers, frozen in time and presented, in PNG format, enjoy!

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Bill Gates3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

Can anybody tell me where I can go to DL the 1080p trailers for this game?

EdIt: Thanks guys/gals (it's so hard to tell over the internet, but thank you)

I've recently dusted off FF12 to try and finish it. I love the gameplay of the game but the story has to go. Gosh it's sooo friken SLOWWWW, and BOORING.

My fav. FF has to be #8 followed by #7, and screw it I'll admit it here once and for all.....I really liked FF9 too. There I said it!

PLayStation 1 > HeatBox360
Atari > ShietBox360
Every console in the history of gaming > Xbox360....AAHHAHHA

TANOD3806d ago

woul hopefully be unleashed in 2008.

I predict 20m in lifetime sales for FF13

Lex Luthor3805d ago

This game won't sell more than 7,8 or 10.

Baba19063806d ago

i really hope it is good. but well FF has never let me down. all of the FF games have had some amazing moments. so i hope the story gets a bit more magical like in 7 or 10, and less political like 12.

The Killer3806d ago

FF12 was the worst although i wouldnt say its bad but not so good, sometimes i couldnt even know what going on in the politics(which is the main part of the game)!! best story ever is FF7 and best emotional story is FF8 and FF10!

Regret3806d ago

1. X
2. IX
3. XII
4. VII


picker3323806d ago

They just took pics from the trailer's.

Xemnas3806d ago

No need to see see them then.

UnblessedSoul3806d ago

7 - greater
8 - best
9 - great
10 - greater
10-2 - Abysmal
12 - okay
13 - best from the looks of things
13 versus - best from the looks of things

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