FIFA 13 trends on Twitter, Mario Balotelli asks to grace the cover

El33tonline writes:

"With a release still roughly eight months away, the next game in EA Sports’ football franchise is already trending on Twitter.

The question is, why?"

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FlashXIII2074d ago

Nobody could possibly be dumb enough to want to stick that idiot's face on any product that they want to sell. He wants to start making game covers and crap he needs to grow up.

BIGBOSS082074d ago

lol agree fully. he acts like a little twat

IronFistChinMi2074d ago

Because Rooney is an upstanding role model, right?

Nate-Dog2074d ago

It's just a game cover, and putting the likes of Rooney on the cover years in a row isn't exactly better as IronFist says. Besides, whether you like him or not (as the pundits say) you can't really take your eyes off him.

iistuii2074d ago

He is mad, but that's why I like him. He's a bloody good player too.

Hanif-8762074d ago

Isn't Lionel Messi supposed to be the main cover star of all FIFA covers?!

Nate-Dog2074d ago

Nope, I believe he is still tied to Konami with Pro Evolution Soccer.

padz12074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

Haha i'd love Balotelli on the front, he may be a complete mad man but at least he's got character!

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Ddouble2074d ago

"EA Sports has already started speaking about FIFA 13, but only in vague terms, including the claim that the game will support motion control gaming devices such as the PlayStation Move."

Interesting. Also Fifa 13 is meant to have cross platform with the Vita since it was too late to do it with Fifa 12.

SuperK2074d ago

Sweet. i like Mario. such a character.