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Dr. Mike Ring wrote: " like the “epic kick-out” stuff, store a finisher and use it to immediately kick out of a pin or break free from a submission, but i don’t agree with the fact of being able to do it only on ppv, they should let us do anytime we want but only once for match (maybe only if the wrestler/caw has the corresponding ability).
Also agree with the “use a finisher to reverse the comeback”, i like it.
They also need to improve the submission system, i like the Breaking Point system, but they should also add some submission holds that maybe do not make the opponent tap but you should be able to mash the button and try to inflict the more damage possible before the opponent breaks free. Or maybe have all submission like this, and only if you have it as a finisher you could end the match with it."

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bhead122315d ago

i dont think that useing a stored finisher to kick out of a pin is a good idea. though a "epic kick out" ability for use once per match is a good idea