Mark Rein: Unreal Engine 4 Running On Systems “I Can’t Talk About By Name”

TheParanoidGamer: During the 15th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards, Mark Rein of Epic Games took the stage to discuss Unreal Engine and all the platforms it supports.

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vishant1012325d ago

I really do wonder if epic will work with microsoft again or will they self publish a multiplat, but i think what ever they do next it won't be another gears cliffy B is kinda tired of it i think.

Nitrowolf22325d ago

Well I think they will still have exclusives with MS, but they will probably continue pushing for multiplat

IRetrouk2325d ago

If the money is right they will do exclusives again, I kinda hope they don't, gears would have done great on the PS3, those PS3 only owners missed out on a fairly amazing series

IRetrouk2325d ago

I noticed he said platforms, more than 1?, sweet

IronFistChinMi2325d ago

That's a given, seeing as only Gears was exclusive this gen.

RevXM2325d ago

So 2 or more systems running UE4 that he cant name.

Im betting one is a Microsoft system.
Other one could be Sony but Im not quite willing to bet that they have a prototype ATM.