PS Vita needs more cross-platform, Remote Play support

Product-Reviews writes: While cross-platform play is only just taking off on the PS3 and Vita, one feature which we would have liked to see a little more emphasis on, is Remote Play. We mentioned above that games such as Killzone 3 will be playable on the PS Vita, but if Sony really wanted to make their PS Vita a runaway success, they should have made remote play streaming to the Vita possible for a decent list of titles at launch.

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disturbing_flame2235d ago

These features have been already announced by Sony.
Things gonna shape with time. When you see remote play was already a feature from the PSP you can think that Sony will try to push more and more the features of the Vita.

Those features must be used by users, if users of Vita like to play cross platform and enjoy remote play, Sony will push them further.

tr00p3r2235d ago

Imagine if Sony announced remote play streaming for Dark Souls and Skyrim at launch..people would have a fucking heart attack.

FriedGoat2234d ago

I would definitely poop myself. God dark souls in bed. WOWOWOWOWOW

Mikhail2235d ago

The problem with remote play over web connection is the one they must fix. I want to play dark souls during my train rides.

contra1572235d ago

Can't belive Sony will not bring the UMD transfer program to the US. Wtf

PirateThom2235d ago

Maybe the logistics of bring a service like that to a country that didn't buy games for the platform is just a futile effort?

contra1572235d ago

Yea , I know why they are not bringing the program here as the psp was much more successful and popular in Japan. Fact of the matter is they need everything they can so the vita does not end up like the psp did here in the US. having backwards compatibility and large amounts of games ranging from new games to classic games will help them succeed and survive with mobile gaming cell phones and tablets

cpayne932234d ago

But it couldn't be that hard to bring the service over here if they already have it in Japan. It's not like we're asking them to make a new service.

peeps2235d ago

Can you deffo play games over the 3G connection? I wouldn't of thought speeds would be fast enough?

portal_22234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

The latency would kill it- 500-1000MS ping time (with 3G in UK at least). I'd say less than 100ms and you're good.

peeps2234d ago

Yeh, latency more so than actual download speeds is the issue.

Vodafone do say this though "Play with people from around the world while you’re on the bus, in a café or anywhere there’s a 3G signal."

But I actually think the advertising for 3G is a bit misleading. I could be very wrong but I would have thought that games like Wipeout will allow 'online functionality' over 3G but limit this to stuff like leaderboards, ghosts etc rather than direct H2H mp

FriedGoat2234d ago

According to the wipeout developers in a Video i saw, the link is in the forums i've posted it before. Cross platform play is available over 3g on wipeout.

tr00p3r2234d ago

Sony needs to come out and confirm whether 3G is good enough for online gaming

portal_22233d ago

@peeps - I guess it will depend on what type of game is being played. For example turn-based games will be fine as speed is not all that important whereas a head to head type game speed is everything for ensuring you make your moves quickly.

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