Microsoft Beginning Internal Testing For Spring 2012 Dashboard Beta

Loud Mouthed Gamers: The Microsoft Connect website has been updated to accept internal applicants for the Spring 2012 dashboard beta.

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vishant1012321d ago

O.o tbh the one we have now is great i bet they will just add to it rather then a full revision.

gamingdroid2321d ago

Yeah, I love the current dashboard. By far the best I used so far despite a few quirks. I can't wait to see what they are preparing for the Spring update?

What can MS possibly add, that they haven't already?

EVILDEAD3602321d ago

What can MS possibly add, that they haven't already?

I'm with you G-droid..I love the new dash..

Give me HBO GO and I'm good..


rowdyBOY2321d ago

the current dash is the worst dash ever . i dont know how to find things anymore . ads all over the place . the main idea of a xmb is broken because of confusion.

give us the old dash back , please

The Meerkat2321d ago

I agree with you.

Finding new demos should be EASY.

Wikkid6662321d ago

Real hard to click on Marketplace... and then Demos.

_Aarix_2320d ago

Theres this little thing called a bing search bar. You should try it.

bahabeast2321d ago

the current dashboard is pretty nice i dnt think they should overcrowd it and ruin what is already nice and functional even though it cluttered with ads.

BigBoss19642321d ago Show
Kran2321d ago

Uhhhh what? We just had a new dashboard... :/

Wikkid6662321d ago

It's an update... not a new dash.

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The story is too old to be commented.