Pro-Gaming is Officially Mainstream

Pro-Gaming Life - "As the year ends, we look back to 2011 and it’s easy to conclude, pro-gaming is now mainstream. E-sports is finally here for everybody on the planet not just in South Korea. I know it. You know it. With at least 71% of the US population alone playing a video game on various platforms, the chances that somebody you meet (from as young as 5 years old to the not so young 40 year olds regardless of sex) doesn’t know about pro-gaming is dwindling exponentially."

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bozebo2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

How can there be a battlefield 3 tournament worth 1.6m

The winners (or rather, losers) will be decided by the bugs lol. As much as I would love for BF to be competitively possible (because I would certainly be involved if I could find a team) I think DICE should at least program it properly first. Even pro CS players are enraged by the few small, rare, bugs that are in CS which can completely break a match.

Anyway, I still wouldn't call pro gaming mainstream as most people still seem to think it's a joke (because most TV broadcasters ignore it, and they seem to be in charge of people's minds these days). But in a generation or so, gaming will be the largest entertainment medium by quite a big margin (it's already close in many countries) and then it could be called mainstream.

DeadlyFire2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

Mainstream quality payouts alone isn't the only factor to having something be mainstream.

Agree completely.

MeMing2348d ago

Contrary to popular belief, times are changing. It's not just TV that the new generation relies on these days. In fact, many belief pro-gaming doesn't even need TV and it's getting hits way more than regular sporting events just through the internet.

However, you are right for sure that there are still many who things TV is the best medium in spreading the word out. So it'll certainly help pro-gaming when it gets the coverage there.

kingPoS2348d ago

Its already a multibillion business. Hollywood already
has taken notice for better or worse. I just hope we end
up with another movie like street fighter chun li or gamebox 1.0

MeMing2345d ago

The "gaming" industry in general has already surpassed any other industry under "entertainment". Remember the endless Modern Warfare/COD releases that broke sales records in the entire entertainment industry? It wasn't just hollywood that took notice, it's the whole world!