A Possible Reason Why WWE Games Are Not On The PC

Apart from the 2002 release of WWE Raw on the PC, ever since there has never been a WWE game released for the PC ever again. THQ has somewhat given us an explanation for this.

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xruiner892326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

I've tried expressing my views on wanting this on many occasions on the PC on the official WWE 12 forums, but everyone on there seems to live in a fantasy world where they believe all PC gamers just pirate everything and don't realise you can plug a controller in if that's how you feel comfortable playing.

I can't remember the last time a game was leaked and pirated on PC before console. Every game on console that comes out is pirated way before the PC version. I'm not saying take it off consoles and make it PC exclusive, i'm saying it's immature and ignorant to have these views. It's the same mindset as people who don't realise there are other games on PC other than The Sims and World Of Warcraft.

Sorry for the rant but you don't do the stereotype of immature childish console gamers any favours when you convince yourself of things that are untrue.

Yes, i would love to have the WWE games on PC.

_Aarix_2325d ago

Wwe is just one of those games where you sit on a couch and have a buddy over to drink and swear when they lose. Thats the best way to experience it. But its a big pain in the ass to do with a pc.

Pjuice2325d ago

its so easy to play games with a controller on pc and steam is releasing a new ui that you can use a controller with to navigate all of steam from the couch or wherever, soon you will be able to have a hardcore gaming rig with mouse and keyboard and then be able to go to the couch turn on steam and it will be like using a console but better you don't have to change disks...and is long as its capable which isn't hard at the moment allot better graphics.

drexl2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

Don't forget the UFC Undisputed and Fight Night series. Dont know why they havent brought those games to PC yet. Especially since the PC platform doesn't really have any MMA/Boxing type games, which is a shame.

xruiner892326d ago

Yeah that too, would love to see both on PC.

Somebody2326d ago

UFC is THE fighting game I want to see on the PC. I kept looking at every piece of leaked info about it hoping that it'll be announced for the PC. Still hoping.

pandehz2326d ago

Fight Night is amazing. Never had so much fun with a boxing game.

zu4G2326d ago

yeah cuz PC sucks at wrestling games, if you disagree it's Damn True..

rattletop2326d ago

i too would like to see a pc port. at times i play here comes the pain using pcsx2 emulator.

pandehz2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

Honestly I found the WWE games to be pretty lame tho i did own RAW from 2002 and I watch my mates play the recent ones on PS3.

Dam lol the wrestlers look constipated all the time. Also some of them seem to have something stuck up the wrong vent. The way they walk is lolworthy so maybe its good for that.

If WWE does come to PC it should come with realistic animation, sweat, proper auditorium and crowd lighting, physics, hair animation etc. Especially no more plastic skin.

None of the today's wwe stuff is appealing.

DeadlyFire2325d ago

They could make it work if THQ/Yukes wasn't developing it.