Is Nintendo engineering the Wii's shortage? Maybe not

There is a theory running in the retail arena right now that says Nintendo is engineering a U.S. shortage of its hugely popular Wii gaming console to create even more demand for the gaming system as the holiday shopping season hits its apex this weekend. Right now, Wii consoles sell out almost immediately as soon as stock arrives at national retailers who carry the system. With the amount of money Nintendo is potentially losing because of supply issues this assumption is most likely false.

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lynx1halo3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

Nintendo planned this out once they saw the incredible sales was done to create a crazy demand for their product...knowing it would make it the Holiday gift TO HAVE, as none are available........another positive of this strategy is it gives this FAD of a console Gamecube2 longevity as there is no telling how long Nintendo will bottle neck the supply ........TRUTH


LOL, the picture of miyamoto and the articles headline are mad funny.

hes like "i swear, its not my fault"

gamesblow3806d ago

Of course they are... You're not foolin' anyone with common sense, Nintendo. You made over 60 million gamecubes, sold only 24 million of them... That's what I'd call mass production and loss at the same time. You're not telling me you're all of a sudden having trouble making this system. Sorry...I believe this as much as I believe Myamoto never heard of R&C, yet ... his game plays just like the spherical levels in it. Whatever... Nintendo are liars. Plain and simple... Get to Dealin' with it, folks.

The wii is a Gamecube... Nintendo had no trouble making those. Now all of a sudden they do?? Please, Sony is the most up and up in the business now... a complete turn around from the shaddy dealings they use to do, if you ask me.

And that's sad.

Kholinar3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

"You made over 60 million gamecubes, sold only 24 million of them..."

Wanna provide a source for those production numbers?

And if they did, then, if I were a stockholder, I'm sure I would have encouraged them to double their level of production and lose even more of my money this gen.

Come on, you really think that any business would sell 21 million (more accurate number) of their previous model in 5 years (on pace for production of 4 million per year) and then go and say, "ok, let's manufacture 20 million this year."

If Nintendo had actually done that, they would have lost every shareholder before the Wii even launched. That's a psychotic business plan... Their actual plan and production numbers were ridiculously optimistic and reckless as it was...

sbf20093806d ago

I've seen a lot of fanboyism but this is just too much. No, the Wii is not a Gamecube. No, making 60 Million consoles in 5-7 yearsis not the same as making 20 million in one. No Nintendo isn't purposely trying to make sure their costumers don't buy a Wii (a system that they MAKE MONEY on for every hardware purchase, unlike the others.) Please do more thinking bfore posting in the future.

IntelligentAj3806d ago

I don't think they are engineering the shortage. It's their japanese business model. They don't want to risk stepping up production and flooding the market with Wii's, which will decrease the demand. They don't want to repeat the mistakes they made with the gamecube. Yes they are losing potential sales but how many people are going to give up trying to find one for their children?(since it's a more attractive choice for children than the 360 or PS3). I was reading the paper and they had an article on the Wii shortage and they had a couple of people saying they were going to give up trying to find one but the majority said they would keep trying. One thing is certain: You can't hate on Nintendo's business sense because it's a genius plan and it's resulting in soaring profits for the company.

ChickeyCantor3806d ago

for some reason this is damaging the mental state of Wii-haters....
...even if they did, why is this so important to us?

mccomber3806d ago

It's hard to tell really; they are obviously losing money on consoles NOT sold because they aren't on shelves, and that's just not good business. On the other hand, it does seem to have created more demand for the product, since it's so hard to find. Let's face it, articles on the daily news about the Wii aren't about it's unique technology, the quality of it's games or anything of that nature; they are all related to how incredibly hard it is to find one. If you can't buy it, it must be popular, right?
Is the shortage "real"? Who knows. Is the demand real? Most definitely.

There's a part of me that says they should have been able to find a way to up production by now to meet demand. It's been a year, why are we still calling around to every store in the city to find a Wii?
The other part of me thinks why should they change their current production if they are selling more than Microsoft or Sony, what they are doing is obviously working from a demand standpoint... whether it's on purpose or not.

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