Here’s Why the New SSX Will Outdo the Old SSX

Kotaku - So, I loved the original SSX games. Winter sports never held much appeal to me in real life, but the reckless abandon of speeding down a mountain and contorting a character's body into insane tricks made me a lifelong fan of EA's snowboarding series.

Naturally, when I heard about the mega-publisher's impending reboot, I was worried. But, after spending a good chunk of time with SSX this week, I'm putting those fears to rest. In fact, I'm even thinking that Neo-SSX might even be better than the games I loved.

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PS3DOESIT4ME2293d ago

Can't wait for this game..Also the ps3 version comes with the exclusive Mt.Fuji

LoLZoRz2293d ago

I must wait until march 9th. dammit

Dazel2293d ago

I think you'll find that the 360 version gets mount fuji to, or at least it's that way in the UK ;)

Jinxstar2293d ago

? Really? Not being a fanboy just curious where you got the info. or you just speculating?

Jinxstar2293d ago

huh. Awesome for uk 360 owners. I hope it's not misinformation. Good stuff though. More for everyone is always good.

Seriously anticipating this game =D