Why the Internet Gave 'Tim Schafer' $1 Million. In a Single Day

Kotaku - In case you've missed it, a video game idea on Kickstarter has helped smash the site's records by raising over one million dollars in a single day.

That. Is. Bananas. And it begs the question: why? Why were so many people so willing to invest money in an idea that the video game industry itself seems completely uninterested in?

Simple. Because the video game industry wasn't giving these people what they want.

Major video game publishers want to sell you the blockbuster. The explosive, million-dollar experience. The Call of Duty, the Grand Theft Auto, the kind of game that's pretty to look at but also stripped bare enough that it can be understood and enjoyed (or at least bought) by the masses.

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CrimsonEngage2264d ago

Because he's a bad ass and so is Brutal Legend. Please use the extra cash for BL2... PLEASE GOD. Thank you.

Norad62263d ago

Brutal Legend cost about $24,000,000 to make. They'd need about 23,000,000 more.

Forbidden_Darkness2263d ago

Yes, but sequels tend to cost alot less compared to the first game, because they get better at working with the engine, have a better understanding of where they want to go with the sequel and everything.

gaffyh2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

@Forbidden - Also they have pretty much all the assets made, and won't need to create many new models, especially character models. Although honestly I couldn't care less if Brutal Legend 2 isn't made, I'd prefer a Psychonauts 2.


I'm pretty sure EA owns the Brütal Legend IP, but if Tim Schafer has money to invest to start-off the project I'm sure EA would be interested in a sequel too.

Obviously sequels, although cheaper to make in your usual milking CoD development style, aren't that cheap when you consider everything that goes beyong programming development itself (you have testing, ads, voicework, etc). Also I'm not so sure a sequel would be THAT cheaper in a Tim Schafer development style, but I don't think the game felt short of sales to guaratee a sequel either way.

The first game was awesome, both gaming and heavy metal wise. Just please, add more classic rock (heavy, to fit in with the setting).

jc485732264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

it's sad, but it's the truth. People continue to buy them and developers are afraid to try new things or compete with other genres. I still want my game, but I have yet to see that happen.

Norad62263d ago

My faith in the game industry has been strengthened just a little bit today.

Flavor2263d ago

All this proves is that there are a few thousand middle aged men who have a case of nostalgia. Playing through an 'interactive story' is so 1995.

Ness-Psi2263d ago

I think its great gamer's can come together and help create something they want and with Tim Schaefer behind it. that's awesome.

its nice to hear something good associated with gaming for once instead of console wars and crap like that.