1UP: 3DS Circle Pad Pro Review - Weird, But Not So Bad

1UP: The ups and downs of the new 3DS add-on controller.

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LX-General-Kaos2266d ago

They should have had another circle pad as standard, but we all know that now. One minor slip up by Nintendo but they will be ok in the long run.

Colwyn2266d ago

thats just embarrassing. it looks so bulky and awkward.

LX-General-Kaos2266d ago

Yea its some sad stuff. From what ive seen though, not many games were made to need another circle pad. Games like mario, pokemon, and most other 3DS games that actually sell are adventure and rpg.

People are actually going to need another analog for a console like the vita because we all know that eventually Call of Duty will make a home on it.

Venox20082265d ago

yes, it looks like that, but it's a great thing, just you need to get used to it.. but after that you'll realise that it's a good thing for a games that could be supported with it...

darthv722265d ago

i actually see this as a way to bridge the gap between the upcoming wii-u and 3ds. As if nintendo has using this w/3ds as some sort of control option for the wii-u.

Not every game uses it but IF and ONLY IF nintendo themselves really start using this thing in force, then you will see more companies incorporating the use in their games.

It all stems from the parent company and how dedicated they are at using an add-on before it becomes a standard. If it can become a standard then it gets built in to the next revision.

sikbeta2265d ago


Don't worry, redesign will fix it :D

TheDivine2265d ago

I thought so too until i got it myself. Its really comfortable and i could never play resident evil revelations without it despite how well it controlls with one circle pad. I thought it was an abomination and now i think its a must have for every 3ds owner, its that damn good. Revelations is worth buying a 3ds for also, best handheld game ever released and its up there with re4 and re remake as one of the best resident evils. Im suprised at the lack of hype for this game its crazy. No commercials, no threads here, nothing at all.

I do think they should release a new model with 2 circle pads but its not needed for 99% of games on the 3ds and it wouldve made the 3ds bigger and bulkier. Its damn small as is, much smaller than a vita so it wouldve made it huge. The ds did fine with no circle pad because most games use the touch screen but with the added horsepower games like resident evil and mgs are possible and greatly benefit from the added controlls. Nintendo games dont need it though, look at mario, mk7, star fox, zelda and pushmo are all fine which makes me wonder if they will really feel the need to add it.

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Titanz2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )


izumo_lee2266d ago

The 3DS should have had this from the get go. They probably have heard all the requests that the PSP got for a second analog but Nintendo has ALWAYS done it their own way ignoring the gaming trends.

Nintendo gamers should be upset about this add on cause there should not be a need to pay whatever that 'thing' costs when it should have been there from the beginning.

browngamer412265d ago

It's ugly-oh well though I already bought it for revelations and I gotta say-this thing is damn comfortable! The Circle pad is so smooth on it and the curved grips and trigger buttons really make it feel good..For Revelations it is the ONLY way to play!

Bimkoblerutso2265d ago

Did he just say...."Mary-o Kart?"

darthv722265d ago

in the movie ghostbusters 2, Rick moranis calls it super mary-o brothers as well.

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