PCs with oomph deliver the most gaming enjoyment

Houston Chronicle writes:

Game consoles such as the Xbox 360, Sony's PS3 and Nintendo's Wii may have grabbed the spotlight, but the fact remains that the best gaming experience is still found on a powerful PC.

And the more powerful machine, of course, the better the experience. Today's multicore processors, dual-card graphics adapters, super-fast memory and expansive hard drives mean you get immersed in another world from the comfort of
your desk chair.

Here are looks at two high-end PCs aimed at gamers. One comes close to redefining the state of the art in gaming PCs.

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Winter47th3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

Oomph to your bank account that is.

gamesR4fun3807d ago

Ya the wallet takes a beating but dont forget all the hours you have to put into a top end pc to get it running just so....


true, but its a major kick in the balls a month later. when your uber pc which you JUST spent 5 grand on, is not top of the line anymore.

its a really messed up system if you care about performance. youre kinda forced to upgrade components every 3-6 months if you wanna stay on top of benchmark braggin rights.

Charlie26883807d ago

While its pretty obvious regardless of the fact that if you know anything about computer that this "high end"..."PG gaming computer" are ALWAYS HORRENDOUSLY overpriced

The HPs Blackbird laves you SERIOUSLY drooling and not necessarily for the specs but for the INSANE amount of little extras and attention to details like each part divided with individual cooling and separate compartments with individual monitoring and what not...I think its probably the ONLY "high end PC gaming machine" that actually does something to try to justify the price beyond the brand/name

...still OVERPRICED >.>

Cynical-Gamerzus3807d ago

First it cost money! second Developer talent! and 3rd Hi Resolution gaming!!!

I have found Hi res gaming to be the ultimate Satisfying experience in PC gaming!! As you sit next to a screen and it is clear as heck you become immersed.
Secondly The more a game cost it would appear nowadays the more it offers bang for the buck game environments,and feel.?
However (big Catch) Developer talent is very important! lots of PC FPS games but very few feel different!
Crysis would be clearly a game that feels like its predecessor and has graphics but lacks anything that would even put it near say a game like God of War.
Overall just another Far Cry FPS!
Been there done that!!!

theox2g73807d ago

every game's basic concept has been done before, there is one thing making a game a clone of another game and another where 2 games feel similar but have different gameplay mechanics, by your logic, every game is a clone, halo and every other fps is a doom clone, and don't tell me that there are better graphics, more weapons and different stories and characters because crysis is just as different from far cry in those aspects, maybe not as different but most games just take older game concepts and improve upon them, it's just the common adopted belief that crysis is the spiritual succeccor of far cry, far cry was an excellent game on pc and crysis improved on some of its flaws despite having its own,
BOTTOM LINE/FACT OF THE MATTER: Has it been before? Yes, pretty much every other game has, Is it fun? Hell yeah,
Look at Uncharted on ps3 a clone of different game but does that stop from being fun? NO
WHY DO WE BUY AND PLAY GAMES? For fun, Simple and short, FYI, new ideas don't always work, Check the wii for example, that's why it has the biggest number of sh1ttiest games with lowest scores, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, that doesnt mean there aren't annoying recycled clones of games but crysis isn't one of them
Perfect Dark, one of the best fps for N64 is full blown clone of Golden Eye 64 but they are still both excellent titles with very high levels of fun and entertainment

Cynical-Gamerzus3806d ago

Keep telling your waining PC gaming arse that !
Many have felt the same way you have but are converted by Games Like God Of War.GTA or Soul Calibur and Gran Tourismo, Warhawk,Metal Gear,Sixaxis Bowling,etc... list goes on and on Console games have their own unique qualities that stand out from the rest..PERIOD!
Unlike FPS over and over and over.
Enjoy you 'wasd' controls with your mouse and mapping 25 buttons for 30 mins on your pc for each! different game SON.

Pathetic PC gamers!

Noodlecup3807d ago

Even cheap PCs look and run better than consoles do, it's a complete misconception that a good gaming PC will break the bank. My PC was the same price as my PS3 and it runs crysis all on high with a framerate of 50-60fps, not to mention I have superior control with the mouse and keyboard.

Fezthebest3807d ago

lol your totally bulling those fps unless you have like ultras(Video cards) and running it at a meh resoultion, cause for sure you wont be able to run everything on high in a high resolution at 50-60fps

IntelligentAj3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

The reason why I was never a big PC gamer was the cost of building a quality rig which can run the newest games. The costs of everything can run anywhere from $800 to a couple of thousands. That's way too much money to spend on a gaming machine that will need to be updated in another 2-3 years.

EDIT: Damn that's alot of money!!!

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