The Phantom Lapboard Has Been Released

The fabled Phantom system was first announced way back in 2002 as a home gaming console that was capable of playing all current (at the time) and future PC games. In addition, The Phantom would support a direct download service allowing gamers to download content directly to the system - forgoing the need for discs or cartridges.

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benihya3625d ago

This phantom will be failure, but the next might bring the end of all consoles.

Imagine all games are made for the PC and the phantom installs them with a patch that changes the controls and the setting to be console like.

The phantom (PC/Consol) can be made by any company (sony, Microsoft, Sharp, Toshiba etc..) with one rule, the specification can only be changed every 5 years.
For example

Today’s phantom:
Intel 2 core 3.2 Ghz
8800 nvidia
1GB ram
16x dvd

Year 2012

Intel 8 Core
Nvidia 12800
4GB ram
1TB harddrive

Just this will be 10 better than PS3 (PS4) or Xbox360 (NextBox)

lynx1halo3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

as it is invisible in stores, and like a ghost in the night ...fades away into the darkness ...never to be seen again

Official Admiral3625d ago

Yeah count me in as one that definately yawned when I read the story.

mccomber3625d ago

and the company stock has gone from shred for hamster bedding to burn for heat.

MK_Red3625d ago

WOOOOOOOOW... I thought this thing became a museum artifact or something. Phantom is out!????? WOW.

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The story is too old to be commented.