360 successor features tablet-like controller with HD screen, touch-enabled

Magazine makes new claims about Microsoft's new console, specifically relating to its controller.

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Titanz2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

And they shall come.

dark-hollow2014d ago

does any wild rumor gets approved here on n4g?

da_2pacalypse2014d ago

This isn't that wild considering how much time M$ is investing in windows8... Plus they're always looking to "blur the lines" between x and y.... I don't see why this wouldn't be their next project... I personally wont buy it, even as a primary 360 gamer.

aCasualGamer2014d ago

Would be cool if they implemented a light version of Windows 8 on their next Xbox.

Have seen some videos of Windows 8 and it looks really cool. Simplified as hell, but still cool looking. They have to simplify it though, otherwise Apple will continue to run them over.

ljh2172014d ago

And I think controllers are expensive now..

A_Forsaken_User2014d ago

Is that even a question that needs to be answered?

milohighclub2014d ago

"with a shape closer to Sony’s sleek Vita handheld / Apple’s iPad"

So which is? These 2 devices look nothing a like.

Doubt it's true, or at least doubt it's mandatory.

If it is then this plus not playing used games pretty much means I will not be purchasing.

tehpees32014d ago

Sounds to me like these new Xbox rumours are getting out of hand.

inveni02014d ago

I can't see Microsoft alienating their core audience so drastically. But, then again, they've never been the smartest of companies when it comes to customer experience.

Mystogan2014d ago


im gonna have to argue with that.

microsoft has been very focused on customer experience these years, you only have to look at windows 8,windows phone 7 and the new xbox dashboard to see that.

JANF2014d ago

Fake, look and the touch pad, bad photoshop job. Look all blurry and crap in comparison with the rest of the page.

Brock Danger2014d ago

Agree on this being fake.

Right off the bat, 'matt' is misspelled, as far as I know it's only spelled 'matte.' Don't see a mistake like that getting by spellcheck, let alone an editor.

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darthv722014d ago

this article says. If anything i do believe that the new windows 8 will play a more direct role in the cross play between pc, mobile and console gaming.

Yet if there is a tablet involved it may serve two purposes. One being an interface for more windows based computing and the 2nd would be as a direct console interface between the user and the tv.

not like the wii-u though but AS the console itself. Meaning you dock the unit to a tv and pick up a controller to play. Its an idea but one that could prove to be very near in the future. Your portable/mobile doubles as the console and vice versa.

all it takes is the right backing from hardware and software developers.

sikbeta2014d ago

Rumors hint

Next Xbox -> codename: infinity -> ∞ = 8 = W8

Finch2014d ago

To be honest I love this idea. Home console and on the go.

adorie2014d ago

post a worthless article to garner worthless fanboy opinions
and they shall come.

SilentNegotiator2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Microsoft succeeded by releasing the next flavor of the month (Kinect - hint: "Flavor of the Month" is just an expression), stealing Wii's casual thunder. Simply doing what Nintendo is doing would be very foolish on their end.

A tablet-controller console will never have the same impact as the Wii. The Wii was about being accessible to everyone with at least one hand, and being the next trendy way to supposedly lose weight and stay active (without leaving the front of a television set).

morkendo232014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

and NINTENDO say: ouch!!! why do you guys (SONY & MICROSOFT) like to bite my ass so much.

xtremeimport2014d ago

Build it, and i'll pass.
the Wii-U already looks retarded thanks to its controller.

Rageanitus2013d ago


just look at kinect they already alienated their early adopters......

Just look at how fast they dropped support of the orignal xbox......

And ppl still support them blindly.

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Amazingmrbrock2014d ago

Must...copy... nintendo... aaaaagghhhh

PamPoovey2014d ago

Didn't it come out that Sony was looking into motion control (Move) before the Wii was revealed.....

kneon2014d ago

Yup, the first patents were filed over 10 years ago

Machioto2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Other than looks to an extent I don't see how the move is a copy because going by tech demos,Sony showed of stuff that seemed either game related that out did anything Nintendo showed or just cool stuff like their rts demo,the minority report style demo,sculpting demo and it is accurate.

sikbeta2014d ago

Funny thing, in gaf an article appeared showing how Sony has a patent for a tablet like controller that was filed in 2010, so it's not like one company is super revolutionary and the others just copy/paste, pretty much all companies have the same ideas, though the first to apply is the winner, well if it turns out to be good :P

ZippyZapper2014d ago

HD console

SweatyFlorida2014d ago

And Kinect is a big version of the Playstation Eye

CommonSense2014d ago

Yeah, they patented technology for things like 6-axis. Move is a blatent rip off.

But sony supporters will say and do ANYTHING to spin any information about the playstation brand to sound good. that's sort of what they do.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2014d ago

Ya, and Trophies were copied from Achievements.

See how easy it is?

MySwordIsHeavenly2014d ago

Actually, many games had "achievements" years before even the first Xbox came out. :) Microsoft was just the first company to make it a universal service.

kneon2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )


No, Sony patented the Move wand complete with ball, orientation sensors and camera July 21, 2000

They have a number of other related patents from around the same time frame but this one has nice diagrams that even the most delusional would have to admit look like the basic concept of the Move wand.

No spin required, unless you believe that the US patent office colluded with Sony to falsify patent submissions by backdating them. And if you believe that then you need some psychiatric care.

hellztourguide4202014d ago

Actually i'm pretty sure Nintendo's Power Glove was the first...sorry Sony. And besides...if Sony patented it first, which is true, then why did it take them so long to bring it out? They were afraid to take the chance...Nintendo took it, and it has obviously paid off money wise.