Worst kept gaming secrets & predictions for '08 - Gears 2, Haze on 360?

Games Radar writes, "There are some things that developers and publishers just don't want you to know. And given the unnaturally high number of game announcements, hardware revelations, industry shake-ups, and all round cool things going on this year, they've wanted you to not know a lot during 2007. Thankfully though, the internet exists, and thus nothing is sacred."

"That's the eternal irony of the games industry. It's a business which tries to shroud itself in secrecy, but whose patrons congregate mainly online in the realm that secrecy forgot. If something is happening, the internet will usually find out, and if it can't find out or if something isn't happening, it will spread rumours until it is."

"This year has been immense in terms of gaming secrets being broken long before the powers that be wanted us to find out. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have all had their fair share of blown mystique, and internet detective work has been rife on the PC too."

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PStriple7033568d ago

epic is still going to be busy doing unreal 3 for the 360, and there going to support that for a while maybe early 09 maybe

mboojigga3568d ago

A completly different team is worked on the PS3 version as well as the 360 of Epic. Not an issue for both games to get worked on and it is pretty obvious we all know the game is in the works for GOW2. Uncharted and Rachet comes to mind from Isomniac.

mesh13568d ago

i dont see kz2/lbp/ff what ever till 2009

Baba19063568d ago

uncharted is not insomniac. its naughty dog.

ruibing3568d ago

FF I could see in Spring 2009, but KZ2 and LBP are definitely going to be out in 2008.

PStriple7033568d ago

but yea I don't they will rush gears out next year, with unreal on the market

MADGameR3568d ago

HALO!........for PC! XD

Texas GMR3568d ago

Gears 2 next Christmas it will smash any game on any console, hands down. There's nothing like chain-sawing a m*ther f**ker in half and watching a head come apart after a shot from a sniper rifle! Then there's the torque bow and grenade sticks! Damn I love this game!

Doesn't bother me if PS3 gets it. I think everyone should enjoy the carnage!

Pure Greatness!

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disgaea3568d ago

haze will stay PS3 exclusive
Geow 2 will come out in 09

toughNAME3568d ago

Just let Haze die on the PS3

Achievement Unlocked3568d ago

if it was a 360 exclusive i still wouldnt want that stinking turd of a game. doesnt look very interesting at all. no not at all.

Wii60_FTW3568d ago

In all non-fanboy honesty, I thought Haze looked crap before I ever knew what platform it was on. Swear to god. F*ck that game.

iceice1233568d ago

Generic FPS is generic. Those belong on the PS3 with Resistance.

Baba19063568d ago

agree resistance needs to stay with the ps3. i mean why would you want more games for the 360 to choose from. thats like saying ps3 doesnt want halo or any other exklusivs. even if some fanboys wouldnt buy it becouse they are so full of hate like you.

jaja14343568d ago

And by we I think you mean you. I would never in my life say I don't want a game because it's on another system. Perhaps thats what separates me (the gamer) from you. (the fanboy)

Lucreto3568d ago

If I wanted a Generic FPS I will play Halo.

Fezthebest3568d ago

your fanboyism just got owned.

shrimpboat3568d ago

Dude the 360 has Bullet Witch and Vampire Rain, the most generic FPS and TPS games I have ever seen.

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Darkiewonder3568d ago

this decade is over. I believe it.