Rumour: SOCOM 2 Port for PS3

Sony is rumoured to have asked Zipper Interactive to look into the feasibility of porting the highly popular SOCOM 2 to the Playstation Network as a downloadable title.

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GraphicX2076d ago

one of the greatest games ever & i never even got to play it online ! here's hoping we do get this giblet over psn as people are starving for a decent competitive game.

Colwyn2076d ago

socom 4 is the best socom game.

MariaHelFutura2076d ago

You should lose a bubble for that one.

Panthers2076d ago

For real. Socom 4 is a JOKE. Socom 2 was the best online shooter Ive ever played. IF this happens... well I dont know what I would do. OMG please be true.

frankiebeans2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

you are not a real socrack fan and dont know what a real socrack game is, go play cod or something please.

morganfell2076d ago

All I can say is Enowapi as a SEAL on Breach.

badz1492076d ago

but it's in no mean BAD! c'mon, it's still a pretty solid game IMO!

and @colwyn, you're "Clowny"!

BattleAxe2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

I sure as hell hope this is true. Its just too bad its taken them so long to realize that this is what the fans of the series want. Oh well, better late then never.....

@ Morganfell

All I can say is I dare you to come down into the bunker where I've laid out all my mines, shot out the lights and where I'm sitting in a dark corner with my Model 18 just waiting for you to try to plant that bomb :D Ah but wait, don't even try to come down the back side ladder....I've got a mine there too.

Lior2076d ago

We have ourselves a comedian

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frankiebeans2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

its the best online game EVER SOCRACK it was my life as soon as i got home from school i would get on that game till 12am and find clan wars and all, its alot better then everthing we have today it was very team based and tactical we would actually make strategys and people would talk and it was when it was one life per round f this respawn bs.

NiKK_4192076d ago

This would be very smart of them.

Elwenil2076d ago

Hopefully it will be a straight port and not a "remake" with a bunch of changes. The only thing that needs to be changed in SOCOM 2 is the hacks, the game itself needs to stay unmolested.

SoapShoes2076d ago

No one's going to buy this except for a few hardcore Socom fans that are left... And even then I'm sure a lot of them will play it and it won't be as good as the fond memories they had of it.

Today's "Call of Duty/Shooter" crowd will not be impressed by its outdated gameplay and it wasn't really that highly praised by critics in the first place. It got mostly 8 out of 10s and below according to Metacritic. It was also riddled with bugs that need be fixed!

While I loved it back in the day, it won't be anything special by today's standards. Socom's glory days are past and bringing back S2 won't change that.

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FUDPUKA2076d ago

Great read, agreed GraphicX. My first encounter with SOCOM was confrontation and from what the old fans of the series told me SOCOM 2 was the best by far and if there is a chance of seeing it come to PSN/SEN, I would certainly be getting it.

Sothy2076d ago

I am in love Socom 2 is one of the classics

Optical_Matrix2076d ago

The best Socom game imo. I haven't played 4 though mind you. I heard it's kind of crappy?

Panthers2076d ago

Kinda is a HUGE understatement. It was the final nail in the coffin. I will never buy a new Socom game again. BUT, I will buy this port. Socom 2 was perfect until the released that cheat thing (kinda like Gameshark that worked for Socom)

frankiebeans2076d ago

code majic lol guy named idot made it you can download it online it was like the first real hack but it was never that bad.

badz1492076d ago

don't listen to the haters! if you like TPS, SOCOM 4 is actually a pretty good game!

hardcorehippiez2076d ago

yea i agree.. for a 3rd person shooter its a good enough game. fairly solid i say but it is not socom not even in the slightest. confrontation was good after the slightly worrisome start it had up until the cheaters ruined it but it nailed the socom gameplay 100 percent. if they do a hd update i want it to be as well done as the gow remakes and give this game the attention it deserves because it is easily the best socom game. dont change the controls to suit the cod fans keep it like confrontation / socom 2 but enhance the graphics :)

Kyosuke_Sanada2076d ago

Watch this video closely. Thank me later......

Sadistic_Freak2076d ago

I'm sure it would be a very popular download if it was on SEN, fingers crossed.

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