Epic’s Tim Sweeney predicts the next 20 years in gaming technology

At the Dice Summit, Epic's Tim Sweeney talks about the future of graphics and game technology

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Ulf2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

"He believes that chip makers could double computing power every two years (as predicted with Moore’s Law), and that could continue for quite some time (perhaps even a couple of centuries) with the vertical stacking of chip circuitry and other advances in leading-edge physics."

What?? LoL. If he said that computer processors will double in speed, every 2 years, for the next couple centuries, then he is a FOOL. I have lost all respect for the man, if he actually said that. Such a statement is utterly unfounded, with regards to the laws of physics, as we (meaning all of humanity) understand them.

How can such a bright guy in one field, be so grossly mis-informed with regards to a field so closely related?

bozebo2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

It won't be a smooth transition. But, for example, if we were to suddenly crack quantum computing tomorrow then computing power will have increased 500x every year since the 80s on average.

I think to get a proper understanding of what he is saying you really needed to have watched the presentation. It is just paraphrased in the article of course.

Ulf2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

"But, for example, if we were to suddenly crack quantum computing tomorrow"

I hear ya, but that's a mighty big "if", friend. Quantum computing only applies to *very* specific kinds of algorithms, in any case. It probably wouldn't help the kinds of problems games need to solve much.

bozebo2319d ago

yeah I didn't bother mentioning that because your average mind on n4g wouldnt't compute the complexities (which is totally understandable).

the algorithms under quantum logic are completely different to the conventional computing of which we are all accustomed to. So perhaps 500x is an exaggeration but I was merely pointing our what sweeney was trying to convey.

After traditional raster graphics we will invest some time into voxel based computing of which rayrtraced realtime graphics will follow

MariaHelFutura2319d ago

Artifical intellegence figuring out complex procedures will accelarate things in the future and people are currently making insane break throughs w/ AIs... with the processes of learning from a blank slate and allowing them to learn on their own (like a child). It really is amazing, its only a matter of time.

LX-General-Kaos2319d ago

I am ready to see EPIC take things to the next level. He may be wrong with his prediction, but I know EPIC will have an updated engine to show us next month. Hopefully a next gen Unreal Tournament comes along with it.

deantak2319d ago

Yes, I asked Tim about that after the speech because I was surprised he would say two centuries. But he did. And he said it was because of quantum computing.