No Fix for CoD4 Hacks Soon, MW3 Playlist Limitations and Incoming PC Patch

MP1st - "Infinity Ward Creative Strategist, Robert Bowling, comments on the state of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and answers burning questions about the future of Modern Warfare 3."

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Why would they fix it? Greedvision would rather you buy that piece of shit game MW3 this way they can make $60 off of you.

Rapture132327d ago

What about the insane amount of aimbot/ESP hackers on MW3 PC? I am level 48, and I honestly have yet to see a game with no hackers. I'd say up to 40% of the players use wallhacks, and every other game has an aimbotter getting 20 kills before anyone else has 5. And trust me, I know the difference between highly skilled players and hackers. It is ridiculous.