Vita Games Dropping Street Date

In an apparent “soft launch,” Sony has not only staggered the release of the PlayStation Vita over a week-long period, beginning with the First Edition Bundle on February 15 and culminating in the general release on February 22, but has made some of its first-party launch titles available for both digital and hard copy purchase.

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Colwyn2353d ago

i guess its bad to buy games early

Godchild10202353d ago

I just got my vita, 5 games and a 16GB memory card.

Misterhbk2353d ago

sadly no one around me has the 32GB card in yet. I have all of my launch stuff with the exeption of the 32GB card, Rayman Origins and Dynasty Warriors Next. I'll probably have to wait until next week for to finish it all off.

Godchild10202353d ago

My GameStop had a 32 memory card, I didn't get it cause I don't know if I will buy digital as much. A few PSP games and a few PS1 games, but my 16 GB card should do fine. I know my GameStop just got the 32 in today. So you might want to check your store tomorrow.

Neo Nugget2353d ago

Yup, Amazon is shipping a good deal of Vita goodies already.

Though I suppose it doesn't really make as big of a difference yet since the actual system isn't even out ^_^

Agheil2353d ago

I feel like Sony wants people to download there games now so when the vita comes out they wont feel like it took forever to start gaming. I like this, I'm getting myself ready:
-1st Edition Bundle
- 32GB memory
-Uncharted: Ga
-Rayman origins
- Modnation racers
- Escape plan
- (maybe) Asphalt

TooTall192353d ago

How much is Escape Plan? I only checked out Modnation Racers on the PSN store.

This launch is awesome.

Agheil2353d ago

im thinking its going to be a 9.99 type of deal like Stardust HD, if not 29.99 but im doubting that.

Godchild10202353d ago

It's 15. I checked it up when I was at Gamestop. Hustle Kings and Super Stardust HD is 10.

KeybladeMaster2353d ago

BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend looks great too. I am all set up for the launch:
-PSV First Edition Bundle
-32GB Memory Card
-ModNation Racers: Road Trip
-Gravity Rush
-BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend

Those all will be my first purchases for the Vita.

remanutd552353d ago

you guys are not geting Wipeout 2048 ?

Agheil2353d ago

its either that or Asphalt

TooTall192353d ago

I got Wipeout HD for ps3 the day it released. I thought it was really good. Even though 2048 has better features for Vita I still prefer Modnation kart racing and customization.

No online was a disappointment, but the price is right.

Friendly_fiend2353d ago

is it me or does vita sounds like a name for a sandwich
can i hav a foot long vita

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