The Double Fine Adventure-Adventure Marks The Beginning Of A New Era

MediaKick: "As I sit here refreshing another tab, watching the numbers rise and rise, I can’t help but find the vast sums of money that Double Fine are securing nothing short of astounding. For those unaware, the established developer – behind recent hits like Stacking, Iron Brigade, and Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster, and the classic Physconauts – plan to create, seemingly, the world’s highest profiled crowd-funded game. They want to develop a classic “point-and-click” adventure game, however, there’s a snag. Out there, in the publisher run business, “big games cost big money”. It’s something we’ve known for some time – with the transition into the HD market being a particularly costly one – and it’s closing the door on many niche titles, even limiting the creative adventure of developers in an aim to be more mainstream. Double Fine claim that even some as “simple” as an Xbox LIVE title can cost two or three million dollars. Well, that’s some serious cash."

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Beatboxtaun2233d ago

This totally made my day!

Lucreto2233d ago

I hope publishers take note adventure games are still a fan favourite.

I laughed when I saw Notch got the reward for the $10,000 donation.

Infernostew2233d ago

How about you start making games for ps3 again Double Fine?

edwineverready2233d ago

Now tim start making Physconauts 2 with notch's help. Pleeeaasseeee