Unlock or Delete: Syndicate Co-op Demo (Xbox 360)

TQ author writes: Sometimes there are decisions that we make based on the most simple of circumstances, which is definitely the case when it comes my latest experience with the Syndicate Co-op Demo. Upon first glance, this game looked like it was going to try and do something different with the shooter genre, but after playing through everything it had to offer, I really wished I could get that 30 minutes of my life back. If this is supposed to be a resurrection of an old franchise for a new age of gamers, then this development team needs to take a long hard look at just how bland everything is and try again.

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bahabeast2320d ago

ha ha ha ha i deleted it before i even finished downloading it idk why i did but mabe was a good idea.

Rampaged Death2320d ago

Sounds like the writer doesn't like the idea of it being a FPS. If you managed to look past that then you would realise that it's actually really good.

strange19862320d ago

I rather enjoyed it.

Also, why review a demo? It's free and the whole point is that anyone can try it out, ZERO risk involved.