NPD: Industry Sales Down 34 Percent, Hurt by Lack of New Launches

Software and hardware both see a major plunge in sales over last year, due to the lack of new releases and under-performing titles from 2011.

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Titanz2352d ago

There's nothing "rosy" about this certain occasion (unless you're a... <.< |.| >.> Microsoft fan).

Dante1122352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

@ Titanz


2011 NPD for the 360 in Jan. - 381,000 units
2012 NPD for the 360 in Jan. - 270,000 units

Edit: Sucks for all three companies.

ZippyZapper2351d ago

It does kinda suck for all three, but sucks more for two.

fluffydelusions2351d ago

Well you have to figure I'm sure most people who wanted a console already purchased one at this point.

neogeo2352d ago

I disagree. It's very rosy because it's telling them it's time for a new round on next Gen systems. Think of it like this. If sales are better then ever then we will be stuck with current gen another few years.

Kaos_Vll2351d ago

or maybe more consumers have smarten up and is telling the industry we will no longer put up with the crap they've been shoving down gamers throat. just a thought

LX-General-Kaos2352d ago

The Xbox 360 will continue to dominate in America as long as this tired generation drags its feet forward.

FrigidDARKNESS2352d ago

Well this is one of the first signs that the video game industry is slowing down, March starts a new quarter with a ton of new releases so let's see what happens hope the numbers and growth goes up.

SilentNegotiator2352d ago

So, publishers......are you ready to embrace the teachings of itunes and lower price and restrictions, or are you going to wait for the next game crash to fully take effect?

Your call.

You'll probably just try even harder to make games more "accessible", expensive, and with more strict DRM/passes. More dance games, $80, and an online pass for 50% of the songs, probably.

DragonKnight2352d ago


Sales are low because people aren't finding value in games anymore. Between the ridiculous mark ups placed by stores making games anywhere from $65 to $70, the horrendously priced and milked DLC, online passes that many are against and that split the game's content.

Not to mention the over-saturation of the shooter genre which makes it difficult for anyone to notice an actual unique game. Games like CoD charging the same price on an annual basis for a very marginal difference in content (almost nothing is new), games being "accessible" which turns off the core gamers who bring in loyalty dollars (these are gamers who consistently spend money on gaming because they are passionate about it, not because it's a fad), the fickle nature of the casual crowd, games being too short to justify spending money on, the overall condescending or dismissive nature of developers/publishers...

This gen is the reason sales are down. People aren't finding value for their dollar, and in an economy where everything is getting more expensive, you'll have to give people a damn good reason to want to buy your particular game.

Kaos_Vll2351d ago

could not have said it any better. they seem to think ALL gamers are idiots, hope this shows them otherwise.

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