PlayStation Blogcast 011: The David Bleeping Jaffe Show

PlayStation Blog - "When we launched PlayStation Blogcast just a few months ago, we promised that we’d deliver big PlayStation personalities. And there may be no bigger personality than David Jaffe, the outspoken co-director for next week’s PS3 revival of Twisted Metal. Jaffe is a fixture in the often-tumultuous world of videogame development, playing a key role in 1995’s Twisted Metal as well as serving as director of God of War and creative director for God of War II. In our lengthy discussion, Jaffe sounds off on a host of topics: his development plans after Twisted Metal, the game’s 90s-licious soundtrack, incorporating fan requests, finding the game’s unique visual identity…and why he loves Oprah and Doctor Phil (seriously)."

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TheLastGuardian2202d ago

This is the first time I'm listening to the PlayStation Blogcast. I had to listen after I saw the title. It's really good so far.

TeaDouble_E2202d ago

Love the intro theme! I want that as my cell phone ringtone.

DrFUD2202d ago

Off topic but on...and this get's confusing.

On one hand I'm disappointed to hear that once Twisted Metal releases and he's done helping with any needed patches he will leave and thus there won't be any more Twisted Metal in the future in a way.
But I'm also thrilled I can finally buy a game (multiplayer focused especially) that won't try to milk me with DLC maps.
Might as well have split personalities kind of thing

KingofGambling2201d ago

This is just my opinion
I heard that Jaffe will still work at Eat Sleep and Play till March or April to balance and tweak things out.
Jaffe says he wanted to create his own studio in San Diego close to his home so he can interact his own games and if Twisted Metal is a success (which comes out this Feb. 14 gonna buy it for sure) than there will be a sequel, it will be just develop by Jaffe's new studio in San Diego.