XBLIG Spotlight: Brand (Review and Developer Q&A) | Clearance Bin Review

"Brand started getting people’s attention back around August when the first trailers started to make their way around the net. The hack and slash with 2.5D visuals was certainly easy on the eyes and looked to offer a good time as well. Well the day has finally arrived, and one of the more anticipated XBLIG’s of 2012 has arrived but does it hold up to the hype leading to its release? Yes, and no."

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hellvaguy2325d ago

After watching the preview, seems like too harsh of a review for a game that costs $1.

ClearanceBinReview2324d ago

Most XBLIG's cost a $1, so if you simply wave them off as "what's a buck?" then you end up with meaningless review scores (and great games get lumped in with the "try not to farts"). There are better games you could buy with that $1, and there are many many worse games you could buy. Ultimately we (I) just try to offer fair assessments of the games. The loading times in brand are horrible, there's no way around that.

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