Six Ways Resident Evil: Revelations Is Better Than Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil: Revelations is pretty great. Better than Resident Evil 5 in fact. Here's why...

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mcstorm2321d ago

This game beats res 5 in every way possible. I was not a fan of res 5 but really like this res game. The story so far seems solid the graphics for a 3ds game are amazing. The button layout with the circle pad make the game work very well on the 3ds. To me this game is a must buy to any res fan even if your not a 3ds fan.

Venox20082320d ago

gotta agree with every word you said .. RE: revelations + Circle pad = awesome! enjoying it at the moment.. yes, it beats RE5 in every way

Titanz2321d ago

True, but still bold.