I Want My 3G, But I Don’t Wanna Use It

Kotaku - According to a recent survey done by the Weekly Famitsu, for people who have purchased a PSVita, 59%* answered that they had purchased the 3G/Wi-Fi model, showing a relative popularity over the standard Wi-Fi model.

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Coltrane_C2297d ago

Very good and smart people...We are just at the beginning of 3G in the vita...Who knows what Sony could come out with

darthv722297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

the 3g/wifi vita is equal to the 60gb ps3 (aka: total package).

The wifi only vita is equal to the 20gb ps3 (aka: basic package).

That doesnt mean the wifi only is crap. It does the same basic things as the 3g/wifi model but lacks the 3g support.

The 20gb ps3 didnt have the media reader or wifi like the 60gb but it was still a ps3 for games and movies.

I personally choose the 3g model even if i dont plan on using it now....I like the fact that option is available.

Pilgrimsoul2297d ago

i purchased a android tablet with a very good 3G price plan im considering selling the tablet and swaping for a vita 3G hopefully it will work.