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Valay2230d ago
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2230d ago
thedude442230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Good for sony,

i give them my full support in my gaming dollars when i can because they actually make tons of exclusive games, dont charge me a dime to play online, and ive been going strong with this 60gb for 4 years.

coryok2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

more people should look at it this way

free online (seriously, before this gen, online was always free, then here comes along one platform and charges for it? seriously, why do anyone support that?) lots of money spent on developing games as apposed to microsoft who spends their money, not on games, but on marketing? cmon man, again, why would anyone support that?

you can either support a platform holder who invests money into making a platform that has lots of games available without charging you ridiculous fees (such as online) or you can support a platform holder that charges their customers for every little thing while not putting any of that money into actually making games

whichever one is the better business model will probably be adopted by its competitor next gen so others should probably think pretty hard about this. do you want free online or dont you? do you want to have lots of games being developed or dont you? its the consumers choice

thedude442230d ago

you know it would be great if all platforms had free online, my friend was going to buy a ps3 and asked me how much is it to play online? i said it was free, and he mentions ps+ and theres no way it can be free, and i was kind of shocked right there, i was like how crazy is this gen where we think its acceptable to pay to unlock content from a disk you paid for.

2229d ago
MaxXAttaxX2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

I know a lot of people will try to justify XBL with "lots of features".

But the thing is, >online play< ITSELF should be available for free to all owners. And charge for all the other features separately.
Dreamcast did it. PS2 did it. PC has been doing it forever.

Then again, Microsoft would lose A LOT of subscriptions because being ABLE TO PLAY GAMES online is what most want anyways.

DigitalRaptor2229d ago

@ NathanExplosion

You summed it up perfectly. If Microsoft made online play free, whilst keeping the rest subscription based, at least 50% of their subscribers would be gone *like that*.. at LEAST 50%!

Can you see the problem there?

sikbeta2229d ago

Sales dropped 50%, you're telling me that's good?

And then some gamers actually believe this gen can keep going, the market is asking for new consoles asap!

darthv722229d ago

not so sure about that. While i would like to see a free online across the board, there would still need to be a level of online play that is tiered to the paid members.

We can almost see that will happen on a per game basis from the likes of EA and activision. PC side of free play has limitations in game types and player counts depending on the game you play. Console online could go that direction as well.

Meaning that ps plus members would get complete access to all the game maps/tracks and player count where as free members would be limited. That would not go against sony's original statement that the core of online gaming would be free.

To make up some revenue, sony can simply create these new perks for paid members. They are already paid members so to them its just part of the membership. Those who arent members could still game online but just not in the same manner as the members only.

No doubt sony has been thinking this long hard since psn was first discussed. The success of live gave them a model to work with but lack of the same level of dedicated structure like MS has lead them to decide they couldnt very well charge for the service the way it was.

The fact MS was always a paid service, there was nothing to hide. They didnt have to create the silver level but for those that just like to get demos and buy content that is sufficient for them.

Should MS make online free for the silvers? Sure, but if they did they would most likely impose some kind of restrictions to hours of play or something that differentiates that level from the gold. They would never give up the cash cow that is live gold.

We can already see that the holdout for sony in garnering more plus members is the fully free online. They are adding new features to plus members here and there but you know its got to be killing them to keep online the way it is.

They know it can make $$$ but dont want to piss off the millions who arent plus members. Those that are, things stay the same or actually could get better as it would separate the really dedicated online gamers from the casuals.

_Aarix_2229d ago

Who cares about the fee for xbl and psn. If you guys have such a giant problem with it then get a ps3. Wait -_- you have one? Well then whats the probelm?

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KratosWitAGun2229d ago

still got my PS3 phat 80 gig for 3 years now

xXtremeHDGamerXx2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

you lucky bastard mine stopped working : (

izumo_lee2230d ago

We have 3 successful consoles this gen so i can care less what Sony, Microsoft, & Nintendo say about sales. Nonetheless since a Sony console has been the majority of my gaming for over 15 years i will support them.

Thatguy-3102230d ago

Well said. I grew up with Sony consoles and I will support them no matter what. Can't wait for what they bring out next gen.

undisputed2230d ago

I grew up with Nintendo, Sega, and Sony.

Thatguy-3102230d ago

I grew up when Sony dominated the gaming scene. I will always stay loyal to them because I grew up with the franchise they created. Same can be said about the ppl that grew up when Nintendo was dominating the gaming scene and similar to kids growing up now with Microsoft xbox360.

sikbeta2229d ago

I grew up with Nintendo, then switched to PlayStation, last gen supported the 2 companies and this time I only have a PS3, next gen = when Nintendo launch it's new console, I'll buy it and I hope Sony is not stupid enough to launch last like they did this gen, or I don't know if by the time PS4 hits, I'll care about it anymore...

baodeus2230d ago

yeah i grew up with Atari, but i don't stay loyal to anyone. I go where the games are. I was more on ps brand last gen, but i like x360 more this gen. It could flip flop depend on what next gen gonna bring.

Why stay loyal to console?

YodaCracker2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

Same for me; last gen I owned a PS2 and a GameCube. I never even bought the original Xbox. This gen, I owned all three, but the Xbox 360 got the vast majority of my playtime, and I eventually went on to sell my Wii.

_Aarix_2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

Idk but over 85% of n4g users are attached to a certain platform/company. I think we all know what it is. was
genesis, playstation 1, ps2/gamecube, xbox360/ps3/wii

izumo_lee2229d ago

Why stay loyal to console?

Think of it as in sports. We have a favorite team that we cheer for through the ups & downs. We feel pride when they do well & are upset when they do not. It is all about the passion that we have for that team that continues to lead us back to them.

I started gaming in the 80s with the NES, i was a kid with no clue what i was doing. I continued to have fun though so my parents bought me a new system when it came out. As i got older & was able to save money for myself the first system i bought on my own was the PS1 & lets just say i never looked back.

Some people follow the games & that is cool but for me all my gaming memories were on a Sony console that i worked hard to buy. And it continues to be worth every penny.

That is why i stay loyal to a console.

baodeus2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

@izumo lee

The point of being a gamer is to play games. The console is only a medium for that purpose.

Games define the console, not the other way around. When you talk about nintendo, you hear about Mario or Zelda. When you talk about ps, you hear about GT/UC. When you talk about xbox, you hear about Halo/Gears. People would buy the console to play these games right? Do you ever hear anyone saying they buy these games so that they can play it on that console?

If you don't have a console, you can still play games on other medium. But if you don't have game, well then the console is just a useless piece of hardware.

I can see being a fan of games (like you like RPG, JRPG, TPS, FPS, etc.....for example), but i don't understand the reason for being loyal to a console.

When people care more about a console, they getting further away from being a real gamer.

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TheUnbiasedLion2230d ago

bugs me when people put can care less or could care less (it implies you actually do care about what they say)
I couldn't care less is the right way to say it. Not trying ot be a grammer nazi(cause i suck a spelling and punctuation) but you made your whole comment sounds like you care a lot about the big three.

On a related note good for sony though representatives usually say their words carefully to make it sounds good. As long as sony keep doing what they are doing and their vita is amazing then i will be a happy bunny.

Drekken2229d ago

I came here to say this. +Bubb for making me take less effort.

If you could care less there is obviously room for less caring which implies YOU CARE.

jessupj2229d ago

I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets irritated by this. John Clease sums it up nicely.

Knight_Cid2230d ago

i am happy they dont talk about sales.

To me its like talking about salary

its unbecoming of a gentleman

Megaton2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

I always imagine the Sony person writing these NPD responses pulling a bottle of Jack out of his desk drawer before starting, pouring himself a glass and gulping it down before pouring another and loosening his tie.

How many more months are we gonna hear about this mystical "momentum" they're building? Seems like they've been droning on and on about some momentum that only they can see for years now.

Guy has the balls to mention the Vita pre-orders, too. If they were really good they would have bragged about specific numbers. You'd have pre-order numbers worth bragging about if you knew how to advertise your products, Sony.

I normally avoid NPD/sales threads like the plague, but I get really tired of a lot of the things Sony does. Kaz needs to whip them into shape.

undisputed2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

For once, in everyone's life...can they just admit that all three are here to stay? Stop this crap and play games already.

What the hell did you expect Sony to say. 'Oh, we're doing bad and we're doomed'? Apparently, you must be a market chair analyst or something.

thedude442230d ago

yeah i agree, this sales competition is nuts. seriously...i avoid discussing such dumb things but its like 2 race car drivers saying...forget the speed and performance, how much of these do we sell? makes no sense.

Megaton2230d ago

I couldn't possibly care less about sales. I simply had the urge to comment on the ludicrous PR responses they keep releasing in the wake of less-than-stellar circumstances. They don't have to say anything at all, which would probably be a better look on them.

undisputed2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Sony's focus has always been games. Not waving around the biggest stick when it comes to sales. If you expected anything different from them, then you've got the wrong company.

People need to chill out and relax. Sony isn't going anywhere and neither are the other two companies. They'll bounce back eventually.

And thank you moparful for a logical comment.

Megaton2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

I never said anything about anyone going anywhere, and I completely agree that having better games, which they do, is more important than sales.

However, there's a balance. Best games in the world don't do much good if they're not getting you any traction with the all-consuming public. Sony isn't a gamer charity. If people stop buying their products they can't keep funding all those games.

@mopar - You're projecting and jumping to conclusions about me. "If you hate this, you must like that". I have great disdain for PR in general and if you're gonna bring up Microsoft, I have to say I hate theirs way more than Sony's. It's much more excessive and obnoxious.

Frankfurt2229d ago

You started following Sony in the last 13 months, then?

Because only 13 months ago Sony stopped bragging about every little thing and started the "momentum" angle. Spin spin spin it Sony!

moparful992230d ago

But microsoft boasting and proclaimins superiority at every possible turn is ok? You do know that these PR reports are intended to comfort investors and not stroke some misguided fanboy egos... The fact that you made an unecessary comment regarding sony's uncessary comments is very telling....

YodaCracker2229d ago

Ha! Like Sony wouldn't be boasting about their sales if they were performing like they did last gen with the PS2. Microsoft boasts because they have earned the privilege to boast by handily outperforming their competition month after month.

moparful992229d ago

Handily? So the ps3 hasn't been outperforming the 360 for the last few years? If not for microsofts bizzare ability to shift an insane amount of consoles during the christmas rush they would have seceded to the ps3 by now in terms of overall sales...

ZippyZapper2229d ago

So you're saying Sony, or it's fans, have never proclaimed superiority over anything this gen?

What was that about misguided egos?

Tito082230d ago

@ Megaton- At least Sony's response is more decent & acceptable... I'm not saying that Microsoft's response is any bad, but I find them saying mostly exactly the same thing over & over.. "Biggest In Xbox or Videogame History" or "XXX millions of dollars, more than any console in history"....

I mean, its great & all that, & it benefits them because let's be honest there's Xbox live, which they make a ridiculous amount of money, plus those Halo & Gears sales, also Call Of Duty.... But they have such good franchises like Crimson Skies, the Rare games, PGR(-They should of kept Bizarre), Too Human(I heard it was not that great though)... If they aren't meeting the sales as they expected, at least they tried, can't be relying too much on the same IPs!!!!!

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