PS Vita: Its Almost Here, How Will The U.S. Release Unfold?

GR's Steven "Sphyriel" Mari writes:

Anybody following the PS vita is probably aware of the fact that sales for the system have hit a big decline in Japan. With its next major release date so close, how do you think the system will do on different turf? Could Sony have done anything better before releasing it?

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LOGICWINS2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

"I know that the internet has been roaring about the Vita since its announcement back in January 2011, but for the everyday Joe this hasn’t been a big issue. I often find myself talking about how excited I am because I pre-ordered one 6 months ago and people look at me and say “PS what?”. I am stunned that I haven’t run into more people who know about it. In all honesty I’ve only ran into 2 or 3 and neither were excited, they just heard about it."

Finally! A Vita article on N4G that fully comprehends that the Internet and the outside world are two different things.

"In this go-go lifestyle that we are all living, I do not understand how portable gaming consoles are not at the top of the best selling systems list. It seems that phones and peripherals like the iPad, iPhone, and Droid models are drowning the hand-held world. This makes no sense to me."

One word: advertising. The masses base what they buy on what they see on tv and word of mouth. Compare how many television advertisements you've seen for Vita (I've seen ZERO U.S. tv ads for it besides the Taco Bell promo) with Droid/Apple advertisements. Then it will begin to make perfect sense.

The mainstream are ENGINEERED by the media to believe that the iphone is the greatest tech device ever...even though it isn't. Think about it. Bottled water is a $10 billion dollar a year industry and 66% of global population buy it. Do you ever ask yourself why most of the world(probably you included) is buying something that happens to be free?

PCE2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

Many of my friends IRL know about the Vita because of me. The majority of my online friends all know about the Vita because they frequent gaming sites like N4G, IGN, etc. And with strangers, last week at one of my local GameStops I was playing the demo unit and a girl behind me peeked over and said "hey that looks like a PSP" and I told her it's a Vita. She never heard of a Vita nor seen one before. I showed her the touchscreen, the cameras, the touch panel, and she was amazed by it and now wants one of those.

And here we are on the Internets talking about this system on a daily basis, and we know plenty of information about it.

But the 3DS? Multitudes of people know about about and they fly off the shelves. But that is because Nintendo has a much larger fanbase for the DS in the US and their advertising.

But hopefully it'll do well in the US, I am liking some of the launch titles, which is pretty unusual for console launches.

Outside_ofthe_Box2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

Yeah, I'm thinking the Vita will do well once it hits store shelves. Once people see one of their co-workers or friends with it and see what it can do, sales will pick up. I don't really get why people think that things have to fly out the shelves in order for it to be a success... It's like everything that happens after the first week doesn't matter...

PCE2353d ago

Sony's a little different. Their PlayStation products don't usually take off until later in the game. The PS2 did have a slow start and I remember it getting hammered on by pretty much anyone I knew, but we all know where the system end up.

sikbeta2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )


You don't need an article to state the obvious, Sony not promoting their stuff, nothing new here


IF you're the one that is communicating what a PlayStation Vita is to your friends instead of the Company that biuld the device, well, something is wrong there

That's kind of "word of mouth advertising" doesn't work with the masses, if they don't see and ad on TV, streets or whatever, they'll not recognise or even know what is that "X" product

In the PSBlog, they said that the ad campaign will roll at the same time as Launch, so, they're technically losing day/week one purchases because when people will see those ads, it'll be kind of late in that day to buy a Vita and people will not rush to get one asap, just because they saw the ad :/

"The mainstream are ENGINEERED by the media to believe that the iphone is the greatest tech device ever...even though it isn't."

*slow clap* trend followers eat everything Apple says it's hot and not thanks to some Jedi mind trick or something weird like that, it's simple advertising

Millions in advertising though, but it works, look @ MS and X360, look at Kinect, it's not that difficult to understand, there is no brand loyalty, IF for example, in 5 years "Y-company" beats Apple, it'd not be because suddenly all people who bought Apple devices become hippies that are against capitalism or some s*** like that, the same peole will move on to the other devices made by other brand and follow it, because the one before that it's not popular anymore

It has been like that for years and I don't know how Sony doesn't realize that...

darthv722353d ago

those that want one will get one regardless of price and/or selection of titles.

Others will wait until they are comfortable with buying one. Be it with a particular game or perhaps price but they will buy it when it appeals to them.

The remainder will either continue the waiting game or give up and move on to something else.

Bottom line, the vita will face the same risks and successes that EVERY other gaming device has faced in the US since PONG.

MaxXAttaxX2353d ago

It's been around for 2 decades now.
People don't suddenly forget about big names like Sony/PlayStation or Nintendo.

Seriously. Every possible comparison and criticism has been thrown at the PS Vita. It has been compared with phones, tablets, 3DS and even the PS3 all in a negative light.

The same "issues" they're trying to raise against the PS Vita could've easily been applied to the 3DS when it launched as well, but didn't... so what the hell.

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GamersRulz2353d ago

I couldn't agree with you more.

I also feel Sony should market the hell out of Vita, because the system has a great potential and features, it just needs more marketing to reach wider audience.

badz1492353d ago

it has the specs, tons of new games and PSP backlog support on day 1! What I don't like about the media is, they will continue to focus on the price, which was touted as "cheap" during announcement but suddenly "expensive" when the 3DS was slashed to $170! the other will be knocking on the decision to use the propriety card as always instead of focusing on the main reason that Vita trumps all the other mobile gaming devices on the market - GAMES!

2353d ago
Mookie2353d ago

It gets 3g hacked sim card reader thingy for T-mobile :) fooshoo

Bach2353d ago

I know it will unfold very well for me. Once I have my Vita, going to take a poop will be alot funner.

V0LT2353d ago

not if you have diarrhea.

badz1492353d ago

he did say "going to" not "while" pooping lol!

Knight_Cid2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

"Anybody following the PS vita is probably aware of the fact that sales for the system have hit a big decline in Japan. "

And anyone following this who knows games knows it isnt a big deal. Early sales are never high

" I do not understand how portable gaming consoles are not at the top of
the best selling systems list"

The psp sold 80 million

the ds sold 150+ million

And the 3ds is over 15 million and in 9 months, was the number 1 selling system worldwide in 2011.

They dont need lists. People just buy them

"It seems that phones and peripherals like
the iPad, iPhone, and Droid models are drowning the hand-held world."

If that were true the 3ds wouldnt be the top selling piece of game hardware in 2011. And doing it in only 9 months no less


In 2011

360 sold 14.9 mil in 12 months

3ds sold 15.03 mil in 9 months

people will have to eat vita crow like theyve had to eat 3ds HUGE CROW...............

Moncole2353d ago

Gamers actual do care about sales. When ever I see an article about that sales it always the top story. If gamers didn't care about sales they wouldn't comment or click on those articles like me.

Outside_ofthe_Box2353d ago

The only gamers that seriously care about sales are those that want to use it to brag or ridicule a game/console.

darthv722353d ago

you spew the same nonsense even in the 360 sales articles. This one isnt about the 360 nor the 3ds so keep that shiz confined to the right articles.

Too late.... but I will say this. What logic said about the smartphones is true. More smartphones were sold than the 3ds. Now the reason for that connection is because of the smartphones ability to ALSO play games. It lacks buttons but it still plays games...go figure.

What you NEED to do is make sure you are specifying that the 3ds is a "dedicated portable gaming device". In your comments about the 360 you compare sales of a portable with that of a console. Different markets that somehow you feel compelled to associate with each other. by your logic then you MUST include that of the smartphone. You are comparing devices that play games so you need to be fair. If not then you are a hypocrite.

bottom line is there is more practicality to the tablet/smartphone because it is the convergence of things productivity with things gaming. that you have a better perspective...dont compare dedicated portable game devices to consoles or smartphones/tablets. Each market will have its own front runner without your help.

Outside_ofthe_Box2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

Vita sales will eventually pick up. I know people that have never bought a handheld in their life and plan getting the vita. It might not be day one, but they do plan on eventually getting.

While I may not get it day one, I will eventually buy a Vita. It will actually be my first handheld that I'll buy myself. I have been fortunate enough to get the gameboy color, advance, and DS by getting it free from friends that didn't want it any more or planed on getting a new one.

The vita is the handheld I've been waiting for.

EDIT: @knight cid

Exactly. The funny thing about all this is that people act like people buy SMARTPHONES PRIMARILY for gaming...

I don't understand why people think that smartphones/tablets and gaming handhelds are aiming at the same demographic anyway...

It's like comparing PC/laptops to consoles and asking why do they out sell consoles...

Daoshai2353d ago

Actually 3ds sold 11.4 mil units in 9 months, but not bad. Its a good thing they cut the price.

Knight_Cid2353d ago

Actually thats not true

Date Japan America Other Total
2011-03-31 1.06 1.32 1.23 3.61
2011-06-30[136] 1.27 1.43 1.63 4.32
2011-09-30[137] 2.13 2.13 2.42 6.68
2011-12-31[5] 4.66 5.47 4.91 15.03

Daoshai2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

A tually it is. Your looking at shipped.

Educate yourself

EDIT. Even your chart shows 11.4 lol
you just cant read it right.

Knight_Cid2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

OMG you are using that trolling article with fake numbers, fake analysts and fake reporting. Sorry dude I cant take you seriously after you posted that.

Educate yourself. 15 million were sold since launch march 2011 to december 2011. Those were in nintendos official statements

"total worldwide sales since its launch exceeded 15 million units," the company stated."

And no you cant read the charts right.

March was launch. It sold 3.61 million in the first month.

9 months later in december. Its at 15 million.

Hell we dont even know what its sold in its first fiscal year ending march 2012.

According to vg chartz sales are over 16 million now, and theres still 2 months basically left to go.

Ace_Pheonix2353d ago

Anybody following the VITA would actually be aware that sales are on a steady increase in Japan. This guy needs to do his homework before making such a foolish and erroneous statement.

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