Activision Confirms New Call of Duty Game in 2012

During its 4th Quarter earnings call today, Activision confirmed that a new Call of Duty game will be coming in 2012.

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brish2326d ago

I'm sure some people care but I'm not one of them.

iChii2326d ago

Oh mah gah, who would've guessed?!


Lazy_Sunday2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

December-May: It's going to suck. The last one sucked so hard. I will never buy a CoD game again.

June: It might suck. Maybe. Gameplay footage isn't bad.

July: I'll wait and see if it's good after it comes out, otherwise I won't get it.

August: That gameplay footage looks impressive. Campaign might actually make up for cloned gameplay mechanics.

September: Oh wow new multiplayer mechanics? New Co-Op MODE?!?!

October: I'm so hyped for this game!


November: This sucks.

The end.

SAE2326d ago

cod4 was one of the best games ever , it was fun and noone can denie that

cod5 was amazing too because of the hard campaign and the zombies , the online was something new because of the weapons , but it wasn't great but it was fun..

Mw2 was fun too , the online had it special feeling from cod 4 but it was just fun , the maps wasn't great like cod4 but they were ok , the campaign was ok too but nothing special in it , it had an amazing special ops ..

but after that every cod turn worst , each new version feels like a low version from the old game , what i mean is that Blackops felt like a low version of world at war , Mw3 felt a low version of Mw2 , so everytime they release a new game it became worst either buy the development like black ops online felt like lag or by the wow factor , like Mw3 maps and weapons that doesn't make tactics in the map or something like that ..

Mw3 is the worst because it feels like lag and everything feels old or made really fast ..

Dee_912325d ago

Just in EA confirms madden 13

RedDead2325d ago


Cod4 was a great fun game

Cod 5 was a copy of 4 set in WW2

MW2 sucked, it had crap maps, glitches and overpowered killstreaks and perks

Blops was the best one since 4 but still had too many glitches and a terrible spawn system

MW3. I don't know, I haven't played it, heard it sucks, has crappy spawning, and terrible maps again.

All in all, every Cod after 4 would be considered an expansion pack, if Cod 4 hadn't set a new standard on what games are considered new.

Finally, Cod is an unfortunate stain on the gaming industry, it is a plague feeding off it's initial success with Cod4. Other devs get attacked to this 'success' and try to copy it. This gen sucks balls in the end

Play2Win2325d ago

@ death: While you're trying to tell us how much CoD sucks I can't agree with your statement in everything. I loved CoD4 and MW2 was really bad. Actually Black Ops and [email protected] werent pretty good either. Actually MW3 is better than every other CoD after part 4 but didnt touch MW1 at all. But Im also done with CoD until they switch to a whole new setting with something groundbreaking new features.

SAE2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

i guess that each like different settings , for me , the best were cod 4 and world at war / mw2 was fun but dissapointing , the others were sucks and felt old in everything for me..

im still playing mw3 but it's not as fun as befor , the maps were sucks , it feels like if it lag just like blackops , spawning is the worst , but i still care about cod , never hated it but every time they release a sequel it turn out dispointing more...

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Disccordia2326d ago

I'm not here to judge but actually.. 20 million people care.

playboi282326d ago

20 million people may care about the game but nobody really looks at an announcement of another CoD as "news". There has been a CoD released every November since 2005.

spicelicka2325d ago

and 19 million of those are kids under 14...i certify that fact

Snookies122326d ago

Haha, what a surprise this announcement was! Never saw that one coming... D:

TBM2326d ago

that is another $60 i'll be saving for something i'm looking forward to more.

playboi282326d ago

I hate CoD as well but there is actually a two year dev cycle. That's why they have been alternating between Infinity Ward and Treyarch.

3GenGames2325d ago

^ And they also wait until the game releases to start on their side of the project and steal the others advancements, all 3 of them. 2 years between a devs releases doesn't mean they worked on it all the time, they don't. This was probably only started in January-December with people like composers and artists getting stared before then.

GraveLord2326d ago

You cared enough to click on this article and and comment on it. You wuv COD <3

SixZeroFour2325d ago

personally speaking, i didnt care about the actual article, i just wanted a laugh by reading the comments

Majin-vegeta2326d ago

Yea you would have to be a moron not to know this-_-.

Action GO FIGURE2326d ago

So what now?

Call of Duty: Future Warfare?
Call of Duty: Biological Warfare?

JoGam2325d ago

Call of Duty Time Travel. Plays like COD4.

grahf2325d ago

Wrong. Lots of people care. In fact I care. I like the franchise, and am looking forward to news about the next one, because if they don't pull out all the stops and make some changes, I will pass this upcoming November... And I bet a lot of other people will as well.

3GenGames2325d ago

People don't buy this game, sheep do.

xtremeimport2325d ago

unfortunately, millions of people will care and buy this. Idk how they manage to get people to keep buying these games. Not because I think they are terrible, but jesus..its the same game over and over.

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Relientk772326d ago

I hope its Black Ops 2, because I love Black Ops and I still play it online

Soldierone2326d ago

To be honest in order to make this news "shocking" or news worthy at all, the game will need to not be related to Black Ops in some regards.

Activision is as predictable as they come.

rezzah2326d ago

All they do is take the ideas from the previous game, regardless of worse or same graphics, and change them around.

With each change over they hope to create a perfected game.

Maybe the series will reach a point to where upon looking at the title our eyes will bleed from perfection!?!?!?

BiggsnWedge2326d ago Show
rezzah2325d ago

I know it`s called milking.

Read my comment again and you`ll see why I just that (right above).

omi25p2326d ago

Well thats another one that i wont buy...

edwineverready2326d ago

In other news the sun will come up tomorrow.

xVeZx2326d ago

ill bet my bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun

SilentNegotiator2326d ago

I'd bet on another COD release before betting on another sunrise.