Digital Extremes: We're 'Interested' In Developing The Darkness III writes: "One of the most anticipated titles of early 2012, The Darkness II, hit store shelves this week, but could another iteration in the series be on the horizon sooner rather than later? Yes, if Digital Extremes' president, Michael Schmalz, has anything to say about it. During an interview with Gaming Union on the eve of The Darkness II's launch, Schmalz expressed that his team is "interested" in working on The Darkness III."

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PraxxtorCruel2320d ago

Definitely, I loved the first and second. Loving the new darkness powers and the story. I don't want it to stop here, that would be a huge disappointment. You've peaked my interest and got me hooked so don't stop.

Berserk2320d ago

Couldn't agree more :) I am getting close to the end, and so far its been an fk awesome game.

fozzness2320d ago

ooo! this makes me really hope that the Darkness II is a success!! :D

JDouglasGU2320d ago

seems like it's been a getting a lot of attention so fingers crossed!

mephman2320d ago

It feels like there's a lot more they could do with this.

Knight_Cid2320d ago

6 hour game? not my cup of tea

h311rais3r2320d ago

Guess u dont like modern games that aren't RPGs. Mw3 5 hours. Bf3 5 hours. Crysis 2 7 hours. Uncharted 3 6 hours.

Knight_Cid2320d ago

No I dont like games that arent worth the money.

You mean modern games like zelda? or mario? or imfamous? or know games that are worth the single player experience.

are they rpgs?

madjedi2320d ago

Funny it took alot longer than 5 hrs for bf3 and 6 hrs for uncharted 3, but if a speed run is how you measure a game length. I would hate to hear how rate a games enjoyment.

Sevir2320d ago

2 is a deefinate step up from the first but i would have hoped for Dark Sector 2, that IP was brimming with atmosphere and the gameplay was awesome!!! Its ashame the game never got much of a chance! They put alot of effort into it and alot of the gameplay mechanics was well thoughout! I also liked the story! Forget Darkness 3 and bring out Dark Sector 2

JDouglasGU2320d ago

I actually thought Dark Sector was a decent game too... but it seems to get shit on more often than not and it doesn't seem like Digital Extremes wants to revisits that universe :(

HellzAssassin2320d ago

As much as I loved Dark Sector, I disagree with your statement. The Darkness has been and is still one of my favourite games this generation and the sequel is just down right awesome!...

On that note, I'd love a Dark Sector 2... But I need The Darkness 3 as well.

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