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Three Keys to Vita's Success

Kyle of Teh Pwn Gaming writes:

Despite boasting a hugely compelling launch library and the most advanced hardware of any handheld to date, the Sony PlayStation Vita's upcoming launch here in the States is anything but a surefire success. Sony's latest effort and PSP successor has fallen on hard times in Japan with slowing sales only one month after launch. Unless Sony wants to watch the Vita wither on store shelves after early adopters have had their say, it needs to make some big moves in the next few months. I firmly believe the Vita CAN succeed, but only if... (Kevin Butler, PS Vita, Sony, Sony Bend, Uncharted: Golden Abyss)

MultiConsoleGamer  +   1384d ago
Very insightful.
dboyc310  +   1384d ago
Apps that ppl actually use will help it sell well plus it will allow to compete with phones and tablets. It would have been cool if it had some sort of access to the Android market or something similiar to it. But yea introducing a COD game that has a functional online will really make it a must want product for ppl that are still on the fence.
rrquinta  +   1384d ago
Agreed, and I definitely think #1 is important.
dark-hollow  +   1384d ago
you know what truly will shut those "bu bu but mobile gaming and blah blah" mouths up, is a vita phone with slide-out buttons and running a custom version of android.

xperia vita!
that you get best of both worlds and truly would be a major success if done properly.
TooTall19  +   1384d ago
If there's one game that could push hardware sales in the US as well as Mario or Pokemon, it's Call of Duty. It has a ton of potential.

Now that the Vita has GPS, the only reason I still want a smartphone (or ipod touch) is to use an Asian messaging service to text some friends.
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paybackprahl  +   1384d ago
Totally agree with you. A killer app and king of the sales like Call of Duty will sell units like no tomorrow, and that gives publishers more incentive to produce better games (with a bigger audience).
Arnagrim  +   1384d ago
Activision just needs to throw a 'real' Call of Duty game (fully functional online multiplayer, etc.)on it and the Vita will get a quick million or so sales easy.

TooTall beat me too it.
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josephayal  +   1384d ago
The first key is Gears of Wars Trilogy
Dojan123  +   1384d ago
Any discussion about the Vita as the PS3 controler? Wonder if Sony did that then why not make it the way to do cross game chat when playing the PS3. While I do not care about CGC, I think that would sell a number of vitas if that was a feature of Vita and PS3 connectivity.

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