Skylanders becomes Activision’s biggest new IP launch in company history

Activision has announced in its latest financial report that Skylanders is now the company's biggest IP launch in company history.

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Snookies122297d ago

Is this the new Pokemon? Lol, I haven't really looked into what the game is about, but yeah... Is it really all that good?

PamPoovey2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

"Is it really all that good?"

No, not really. If you were like 5 then yeah it would be a blast.

I think people are prasing the concept of it rather then the game it's self, which is why I don't understand the good reviews for it, playing it at my little cousins house it's terriable, it spits all over what Spyro was about. I mean buying £6 figures to unlock more things on the disc is ridiculous, it's scamming kids out of money at the end of the day....well really the parents but still.

Plus I can't get over the fact that Activision had to use Spryo for this, they could of left him bugs me that the developer keeps saying they made this with old school Spryo fans in mind when it's obviously a load of BS, for starters look at him, he looks like a lizard not a dragon.


Dlacy13g2297d ago

Hard to say at this point if its the new Pokemon as its still a young IP and Pokemon is mega huge. I will say for Activision to say what they said in the face of their other IP's says alot.

if they can somehow make this game supported cross platform and into handhelds like the 3DS then could become the new Pokemon.

Khordchange2297d ago

not even close, Pokemon wasn't just a little popular, it was a phenomenon. The movies, the Cards, the Tv Shows, The action figures, the Video games, it was totally insane how popular it was and still is.

But Im not saying this doesn't have a shot, it could very well be the new Pokemon, they just need to do it right. Expand your audience with things like cartoons, advertise it, make the games better. Etc As of right now though, it is not the new pokemon.

Shackdaddy8362297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

I don't think you realize just how popular pokemon (still) is...

GraveLord2297d ago

Great game for kids.
Don't think it has much appeal to people over 12 though.

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sonicsidewinder2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

I too cannot understand the praise this game is getting.

I moved up to edinburgh a few weeks ago and found my cousin had bought Skylanders and had like 6 or so figurines. There is an element mechanic at play where diferent skylanders are fire, water, magic etc.

It's a bad, bad cash grab of a game, justified by its concept.
You could be playing the game, and get to an area in game where a mechanical type skylander is required to progress. Dont have a mechanical skylander? Gotta buy one. So you're locked out of game content till you at least purchase all types of skylander.

Add on top of this it uses in-game advertisement as rewards for completing goals. Do you unlock new skylanders? No, cus they're physical and you gotta buy them. All these in-game ads are for is to make the kiddies aware of a new skylander that they feel they'll want to buy.

It uses a TF2-like Hat system.

The game itself is basic as fuck and not even fun in the way I could pick up a PS1 crash, spyro or croc game and enjoy with challenge.

Activision have basicly said, "Hey, what if we took the in-game selection option mechanic for choosing which character to play as, removed it from the digital format into physical; thus making you spend money to do something you could do by 'pressing down and A'. Great idea huh?!"

Not even taking into account it turds all over spyro, the game is shockingly shit.

PamPoovey2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

Least I'm not the only one who sees this, I don't understand all the disagrees when you talk about how much of a cash in these games are

It's like sugarcoated DLC....

If this was in the form of proper DLC on the market people would be complaining.

ozstar2297d ago

Kids buy games, they don't download them.