Sneak Peak: February 14th PSN Releases

Here is a quick glimpse at what is in store for the PlayStation Store next week.

Worms Ultimate Mayhem + House of the Dead 3 and mass effect 3 demo

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cervantes992169d ago

ME3 Demo!

Now I can compare the 360/PS3 versions and buy the best version. Rarely does this happen with demos before retail release.

I have completed save games on both systems so that is not an issue. I just want the best PERFORMING version.

Biohazard88602169d ago

Whys it take so long for ps2 classics :(

cpayne932169d ago

No kidding, especially since they ended up not releasing killzone. We need more ps2 classics, I never had a ps2. :(

Biohazard88602169d ago

I mean they released spongebob lol wheres good ps2 games like time spilters

cpayne932169d ago

lol I know right out of all the ps2 games they could pick they release spongebob.At least the jak and daxter collection is coming out, I'll be buying that at some point. Hopefully we'll see some better games soon.

Biohazard88602169d ago

Yea im hoping for Def jam fight for new york . Mortal kombat deadly alliance or mk shaolin monks.