Gotham City Impostors – Review (COIN-OP TV)

Gotham City Impostors functions much the same as the ‘Call of Duty’ series with customizable load outs, perks, and upgradable weaponry. Where Gotham City Impostors sets itself apart is in its less than serious attitude. Dispensing with the over the top macho dude bro mentality and the extra hardcore militant style we’ve come so accustom to; Impostors stands alone in seeking the rarest of FPS goals… fun. This “fun” is facilitated not only by its solid ‘Call of Duty’ like foundation but by a vertical element that is completely missing in most of the genre. Several of the gadget options make it possible to take to the sky giving the player the ability to literally get the drop their opponents. From the glider rig’s dive bomb ability to the spring boots extra high jump Gotham City Impostors provides a refreshing twist on the genre.

With all the good that can be said of Gotham City Impostors there is a bit of negativity that need be addressed. The full version of the game seems a little thin packing only five maps and three game types, with a challenge mode made exclusively of time trials. Each of the maps is balanced well with a variety of environmental challenges encouraging players to use their character customization to specialize and pursue victory as a cohesive team. The multiplayer game types do offer some in the way of twists on old standards. Team Death Match is what you’d expect, Fumigation and Psych Warfare are slightly bent versions of Domination and One Flag respectively.

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