Shank 2 – Review (COIN-OP TV)

The problem with reviews of sequels is the constant parallels and comparisons drawn between the game being reviewed and the original. This review will be no different. Has Shank 2 done enough to differentiate itself from ‘Shank’? Can Shank 2 stand on its own? Yes and No. While Shank 2 is more than competent and is in fact very good at what its doing, it feels more like Shank 1.5 than a true sequel. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; if it isn’t broke don’t fix it, right?

The biggest change for Shank 2 is the co-op play. Campaign co-op is gone in this new iteration and is replaced by a wave based (Gears of War Horde Mode) survival mode. Kills get you cash, cash gets you more and better weapons, better equipment gets you victory. Survival can be played solo, but it’s not recommended. Instead grab a trusted ally and commence the blood-shed working together to kill the enemies and keep each other alive.

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