Why do gamers need games on release date? asks why gamers feel the need to buy games on the day they're released

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darthv722325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

halo 2 and halo 3. My reasons were simple. I liked the first and picked up the 2nd the day it came out because I wanted to continue the fight and then picked up the 3rd to finish the fight.

There have been many games that i have also picked up shortly after release but those two are my ONLY two I ever stood in line to get when released. I may get disagrees because I am using halo as my example but everyone can have their own individual game(s) of choice.

I dont NEED to get games the day they are released as i am not one to brag about getting it first which seems to play a small role to some. In many cases I dont have the $$$ at the time but that doesnt mean I dont pick up the game at all.

I do remember getting halo 3 and putting it in the 360 to see there was a massive amount of people playing it online, and it felt good to see so many enjoying the game like I did. I got my ass handed to me but it was fun in the process.